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SONG PREMIERE: Scranton solo artist Patrick McGlynn decries our divide in ‘Pills and Guns’

SONG PREMIERE: Scranton solo artist Patrick McGlynn decries our divide in ‘Pills and Guns’
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It’s difficult to turn on the television or scroll through social media and not feel like we’re all being divided by focusing on every one of our differences. Thankfully, one thing can often bring us together – music.

Sure, there’s some petty bickering over that too, but the personal, emotional tunes of Scranton indie folk singer/songwriter Patrick McGlynn have often brought locals together, whether those songs were from his previous bands Losing Caufield and Blinded Passenger or his current solo work, often made with his longtime friend Steve Werner on drums or percussion.

While they both play out regularly, it has been a while since McGlynn has released any new studio recordings, so in reaction to today’s divisive climate, he is premiering a new single, “Pills and Guns,” exclusively on NEPA Scene.

“The song is meant to be a reflection of the way politicians and some media outlets have divided people. It seems like every event that happens, no matter how horrible, is used as some sort of political fuel,” McGlynn said.

“We are programmed to have this ‘my side vs. their side’ mentality, but in reality, I think we all really want the same things in life. I guess that is the message of the song.”

Recorded at SI Studios in Old Forge with Werner on drums, the song can be streamed now on Spotify and YouTube and purchased on sites like Amazon:

Being a father of a young boy definitely played a part in the writing of “Pills and Guns.”

“All of these decisions that our representatives make will have an impact on the lives of our children. I think that is something that will alter your perspective on just about anything. I actually used one of my son’s finger paintings for the cover of the single,” McGlynn noted.

Rather than release another EP like his latest, 2017’s “Battle Scars,” he plans on putting out a new single every few months, at least five or six throughout 2019, while booking some all-original shows.

During last year’s Electric City Music Conference, he said goodbye to his full band, Blinded Passenger, by playing a reunion show at Harry’s in downtown Scranton after a two-year hiatus. While life and its obligations kept them from doing more over the years, McGlynn is leaving the door open for future collaborations.

“It was awesome playing those songs with those guys again. If time and schedules allowed for it we would probably still be going. I’m pretty sure at some point we will be back at it,” he said.

For now, though, he will be playing an acoustic set opening for Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania roots rockers Chestnut Grove at the Irish Wolf Pub (503 Linden St., Scranton) on Thursday, March 21 at 8 p.m. with fellow Scranton folk/Americana act American Buffalo Ghost, so expect to hear this song mixed in with more new music soon.

See NEPA Scene’s photos of McGlynn playing with Blinded Passenger last year here and watch the live stream of the full set below:

Photo by Keith Perks/1120 Creative/NEPA Scene