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EXCLUSIVE: 2019 Steamtown Music Award nominees in 35 categories announced in Scranton

EXCLUSIVE: 2019 Steamtown Music Award nominees in 35 categories announced in Scranton
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On Friday, July 5, the Electric City Music Conference held an announcement party at Stage West in Scranton, revealing all the nominees for the 2019 Steamtown Music Awards, including those in new categories added this year.

ECMC producers Joe Caviston and Ken Norton read off all the nominees, sharing the stage with live performances by The Boastfuls, Elephants Dancing, Send Request, These Idol Hands, and Joe Lombardo that were streamed on NEPA Scene’s Facebook page. Joylynne Raye Frie opened the evening with an acoustic performance, and many of the eligible artists were in attendance cheering along as all the names were called.

“We wanted to make it more of an appreciation party and mixer this year,” Norton said, noting the change in format this year by wrapping up the announcements early for musicians who had gigs later that night.

“As with everything ECMC related, it’s all about networking. Everyone should come out to see where they’re playing and what they’re nominated for, but they should also make some connections and mingle with other members of the local music scene,” Caviston added before the party.

The nominees in 35 categories were announced on Friday – the winner of the 36th category, the Lifetime Achievement Award, was announced on NEPA Scene on July 4. The Rods drummer and accomplished producer Carl Canedy will be honored this year.

All the winners will be announced at the sixth annual Steamtown Music Awards on Thursday, Sept. 12, honoring Northeastern Pennsylvania’s top musicians and music industry professionals at a massive ceremony at The V-Spot (906 Providence Rd., Scranton) featuring red carpet interviews by NEPA Scene.

The rest of the conference takes place on Friday, Sept. 13 and Saturday, Sept. 14 with over 150 bands across 12 venues, along with an educational component with industry professionals. The first 67 acts were announced in March, followed by another 40 in May.

Winners of the awards are voted on by a committee that is comprised of 25 local music industry professionals, venue owners, promoters, sound engineers, and veteran (non-nominated) musicians, along with 25 music industry professionals from across the country who have no ties to the area.

A select few awards feature an online voting element. Online voting will only comprise 50 percent of the vote; the other half will be determined by the committee. More details on the online voting and the award ceremony, such as performers and award presenters, will be announced soon.

“Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for the Steamtown Music Awards!” Caviston said.

“If you missed me butchering the English language and everyone’s last names on stage, here’s round two. A bunch of people were contacting me telling me they were disappointed that they didn’t make it out, so here’s a nice self-deprecating video for you enjoyment.”

And the nominees are…

Best New Artist
Adam Farley and the MDG Crew
Ashley Marie Hunting
Bad Liars
Gabby Borges
Garden View
Gus the Savage
Rudy and the Gansetts
Runnin’ on Whiskey
Sarah Carne
Shakee Ground
The Maguas
Paladin’s Death

Acoustic/Solo Act of the Year
Kyle Demko
Joe Lombardo
Frank Marcinkowski
Rick Gilette
Sarah Carne
Alyzza Lazar
Chris Zawatsky
Dan Cusick
James Barrett

Duo of the Year
Chris Shrive/Ashley Marie
The Husty Brothers
Nowhere Slow Duo
Friendly Fyre
Blue Moxie Duo

Blues Act of the Year
JP Williams Blues Band
Brendan Brisk Blues Band
Merchants of Groove
The Gabe Stillman Band
Kat N’ Randy
Phyllis Hopkins Electric Trio

Country Act of the Year
Flatland Ruckus
Jack’d Up Country
Mike Elward
Runnin’ On Whiskey
Dallas Carter Band
The Casper Band

DJ/Electronic Act of the Year
DJ Hersh
DJ Cryptic
Jay Velar

Folk/Americana Act of the Year
Gabby Borges
Dishonest Fiddlers
Zayre Mountain
Boom Town Boys

Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B Artist of the Year
Gus the Savage
Lucas Hex
B.O.B. – Bars Over Bullshit
Mercy Gang

Indie Rock Act of the Year
Alma Mater
Rosary Guild
Cheap Seats
Black Hole Heart
Esta Coda
The Cryptid

Jam/Reggae/Funk Act of the Year
Jordan Ramirez and the Tribe
Young Lion
Bright Shiny Objects
Shakee Ground
Static in the Attic
Rudy and the Gansetts

Jazz Act of the Year
Justin Padro Jazz Trio
Tyler Dempsey trio
West Third Street Band
Gary Rixner
Marco Marcinko Jazz Quartet

Metal Act of the Year
Beyond Fallen
Behind the Grey
Terrorize This!
Royal Hell

Pop/Top 40 Act of the Year
Black Tie Stereo
The Frost
Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms
Vine Street
The MDG Crew

Punk/Hardcore Act of the Year
Send Request
Ripped Away
Stay Loud

Rock/Alternative Act of the Year
The Holtzmann Effect
The Boastfuls
These Idol Hands
The Maguas

Tribute/Cover Band of the Year
3 Legged Dog
Nu Era
A Proud Monkey
Nowhere Slow
Lost Dogs
Project 90’s

Female Vocalist of the Year
LeahBeth Evans
Amanda Rogan
Ashley Marie Hunting
Cierra Cellerari
Ellie Rosenthal
Gabby Borges
Tatiana Tell
Tiffany Mongiello

Male Vocalist of the Year
Mike Dougherty
Martin Monahan
Vinny Amarando
John Clawson
Tyler Zeiss
Ed Couzzo
Jordan Ramirez
Eric Ross
Dustin Switzer

Guitarist of the Year
Brandon Rodriguez
Kyle Lukasewicz
Chris Iorio
Dustin Douglas
Jesse Morvan
Mike White
Neil Nicastro
Rob Husty

Bassist of the Year
Rob Santoro
Aaron Kovalich
Bill Vargas
Wayne Kopacz
Mike Capwell
Mark Naples
James Simon
Aron Wood

Drummer of the Year
Tyler Dempsey
Chris Langan
Brandon Ossont
George Pachucy
Seth Mahaffey
Jordan Lupini
Mike Boniewicz
Steven Martin

Auxiliary Musician of the Year
Christian Gratz – piano/keyboard
Derek Nowak – piano/keyboard
Frank Gruden – keyboards
Jesse Morvan – trumpet
Mark Woodyat – violin
Ross Lesoine- saxophone
Michael Pat Caden – keys
Brendan Gosson – fiddle

Video of the Year
Traverse the Abyss – “Blink”
Send Request – “Dr. Dare Rides Again”
JBØNAX – “Stuck on You”
Behind the Grey – “Death Groove”
Alma Mater – “”For Heaven’s Sake”
Tatiana – “Jamie”
Black Tie Stereo – “Miss Romance”
Dustin Douglas – “Precious”

Song of the Year
“Please Release Me” – University Drive
“Not Your Time” – The Frost
“Baby Hold onto me” – Jordan Ramirez and the Tribe
“Fade to Gray” – Alma Mater
“Funeral” – The Maguas
“$macked” – Lucac Hex
“Mud Cricket” – Always Undecided
“Random Circumstance” – Joe Lombardo

Album of the Year
“Heavy Seas and Smashing Skies” – E57
“Perspectives” – Send Request
“Unspoken” – Tatiana
“Clear” – University Drive
“King Bitter” – Esta Coda
“Wound” – Permanence
“Salvation” – Threatpoint
“Fractured” – Alma Mater

Recording Studio of the Year
JL Studios
Papa Bear Studios
Republic Audio Studio
SI Studios
After Image Studios
Werleybird Studios
Saturation Acres
Soundmine Recording Studio

Producer/Recording Engineer of the Year
John Roginski
Tom Ferranti
Joe Loftus
Jay Preston
Clyde Rosencrance
Eric Novroski
Joe Wegleski
Dan Malsch

Music Publication/Blog of the Year
NEPA Scene
Highway 81 Revisited
Direct Access Worldwide
Electric City
The Weekender
570 Press
Access NEPA

Music Journalist of the Year
Rich Howells
Patrick Kernan
Mike Evans
Toni Pennello

Videographer of the Year
Jon Edwards
Justin Goreschak and Ionic Development
Stephen Reuther
Matthias Clafin
Mark Dennenbaum
Michael Belardi
Samuel O’Connell

Music/Concert Photographer of the Year
Keith Perks
Ryan Mullaney
Scott Kucharski
Dominique Kożuch
Emma Black
Emily Sulkowski
Cody Kaczynski

Local Radio Station/Podcast of the Year
Alt 92.1
98.5 KRZ
NEPA Scene Podcast
Breakfast With Steve
Lissa’s Local Live Podcast
VMFM 91.7

Local Radio/Podcast Personality of the Year
Popko – Alt-Natives on Alt 92.1
Ferg – Alt 92.1
Lyssa – 98.5 KRZ
Steve Werner – Breakfast with Steve
Duffy – 97.9X
Lazy E – 97.9X

Live Performer of the Year
Mercy Gang/Clever Clever
Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen
Traverse the Abyss
Black Tie Stereo
Black Hole Heart
University Drive

Local Sound Engineer of the Year
Matt Kester
Darren Fernandes
Steve Zampano
Mike Magdon
Will Perna
Justin Padro