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EXCLUSIVE: Electric City Music Conference artist schedule at 11 Scranton venues announced

EXCLUSIVE: Electric City Music Conference artist schedule at 11 Scranton venues announced
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The Electric City Music Conference held an announcement party at Stage West in Scranton on July 5, revealing all the nominees for the 2019 Steamtown Music Awards as well as the conference’s artist schedule.

ECMC producers Joe Caviston and Ken Norton read off all the nominees in 35 categories, sharing the stage with live performances by The Boastfuls, Elephants Dancing, Send Request, These Idol Hands, and Joe Lombardo that were streamed on NEPA Scene’s Facebook page. Joylynne Raye Frie opened the evening with an acoustic performance, and many of the eligible artists were in attendance cheering along as all the names were called. The winner of the 36th category, the Lifetime Achievement Award, was announced on NEPA Scene on July 4. The Rods drummer and accomplished producer Carl Canedy will be honored this year.

All the winners will be announced at the sixth annual Steamtown Music Awards on Thursday, Sept. 12, honoring Northeastern Pennsylvania’s top musicians and music industry professionals at a massive ceremony at The V-Spot (906 Providence Rd., Scranton) featuring red carpet interviews by NEPA Scene.

The rest of the conference takes place on Friday, Sept. 13 and Saturday, Sept. 14 with over 150 bands across 11 venues, along with an educational component with industry professionals.

Today, the full music schedule for both days was made available online exclusively on NEPA Scene. The 11 participating venues are Ale Mary’s, the Backyard Ale House, The Bog, Finnegan’s Irish Rock Club, Harry’s, the Irish Wolf Pub, The Keys, the New Penny Lounge, Peculiar Slurp Shop, Stage West, and The V-Spot, all located in Scranton.

See NEPA Scene’s photos from the 2018 ECMC announcement party here, the 2018 Steamtown Music Awards here, and the entire Electric City Music Conference here. Listen to Caviston and Norton talk about the conference and the awards in depth in Episode 75 of the NEPA Scene Podcast:

2019 Electric City Music Conference schedule
Friday, Sept. 13 and Saturday, Sept. 14

Ale Mary’s
(126 Franklin Ave., Scranton)

10 p.m.: Joe Lombardo
11 p.m.: Esta Coda
Midnight: Alma Mater

10 p.m.: Zayre Mountain
11 p.m.: The MDG Crew
Midnight: Project 90’s

Backyard Ale House
(523 Linden St., Scranton)

8 p.m.: Patrick McGlynn
9 p.m.: American Buffalo Ghost
10 p.m.: Phyllis Hopkins Electric Trio
11 p.m.: Joe Cigan and the Benders
Midnight: Brother Jerome

8 p.m.: Ken Norton
9 p.m.: Dylan Hartigan
10 p.m.: Switch Mob
11 p.m.: Jordan Ramirez and the Tribe
12:30 a.m.: JBØNAX

The Bog
(341 Adams Ave., Scranton)

6 p.m.: Illegal Siegel
7 p.m.: Running in Flip Flops
8 p.m.: Electives
9 p.m.: Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms
10 p.m.: Old Charades
11 p.m.: The Maguas
Midnight: Turbo Goth

6 p.m.: The Stash
7 p.m.: Alone I Walk
8 p.m.: Dead Air
9 p.m.: Rudy and the Gansetts
10 p.m.: The Tisburys
11 p.m.: Gabby Borges
Midnight: Special surprise guest

Finnegan’s Irish Rock Club
(514 Ash St., Scranton)

6 p.m.: Booze Radly
7 p.m.: The Unbroken
8 p.m.: Springbrooke
9 p.m.: The band TITAN
10 p.m.: The Crowning
11 p.m.: Hideous Groundhog
Midnight: Alibi

6 p.m.: Mellifluous
7 p.m.: Monoceros
8 p.m.: Sympotico
9 p.m.: Red Hymns
10 p.m.: Knightlife
11 p.m.: The Holtzmann Effect
Midnight: Contraband – A Scott Weiland Tribute

(302 Penn Ave., Scranton)

6 p.m.: Bryan Brophy
7 p.m.: Andrew Nicholas and the Shades
8 p.m.: The Taxmen (Beatles Tribute)
9 p.m.: Bright Shiny Objects
10 p.m.: Jack’d Up Country
11 p.m.: Runnin’ on Whiskey
Midnight: 3 Tools No Box

6 p.m.: Dan Cusick
7 p.m.: Bitter Bones
8 p.m.: Oblivion Her Majesty
9 p.m.: The Morgana Phase
10 p.m.: The Maguas
11 p.m.: Wild Planes
Midnight: The Boastfuls

Irish Wolf Pub
(503 Linden St., Scranton)

6 p.m.: 2 Sad Bois
7 p.m.: Silo Good
8 p.m.: Always Undecided
9 p.m.: Wayside
10 p.m.: BrighterDays
11 p.m.: The MDG Crew
Midnight: Crock Pot Abduction (final show)
1 a.m.: 8-Bit Panda Strike

6 p.m.: Ed Allison
7 p.m.: The Hobo-Style
8 p.m.: Jericho
9 p.m.: Standoff
10 p.m.: Gravel
11 p.m.: AlphaAudio
Midnight: Starving Hysterical Naked

The Keys
(244 Penn Ave., Scranton)

6 p.m.: #ShirtsOff
7 p.m.: Sweetnest
8 p.m.: LittleStarRun
9 p.m.: Permanence
10 p.m.: Garden View
10:45 p.m.: Lucas Hex
11:15 p.m.: Plaid the Inhaler
12:15 a.m.: E57
1 a.m.: Ill Ray the Menace

6 p.m.: Idolizer
7 p.m.: Suburban Zombie
8 p.m.: aMinor Glitch
9 p.m.: The Cryptid
10 p.m.: Perfect Focus (reunion)
11 p.m.: Alone I Walk
Midnight: Bitter Bones

New Penny Lounge
(1827 N. Main Ave., Scranton)

6 p.m.: Rob Sontoro
7 p.m.: Black Horizon
8 p.m.: Downsides
9 p.m.: Terrorize This
10 p.m.: Stay Loud
11 p.m.: Paladin’s Death
Midnight: Invictum

6 p.m.: Tiny Moon
7 p.m.: The Lima Division
8 p.m.: Lauren Aminor
9 p.m.: From a Nightmare
10 p.m.: The In Between
11 p.m.: Mercy Gang
Midnight: Torment Ridden

Peculiar Slurp Shop
(307 Penn Ave., Scranton)

6 p.m.: Chris Hludzik
7 p.m.: Timothy McGurl
8 p.m.: Sarah Carne
9 p.m.: Joe Craig

6 p.m.: Stacia Abernatha Duo
7 p.m.: Jason P Yoder
8 p.m.: Bryan Banks
9 p.m.: The Dank Hopes Project

Stage West
(301 N. Main Ave., Scranton)

6 p.m.: JoyLynne Raye Frie
7 p.m.: Gus the Savage
8 p.m.: Ellie Rose
8:45 p.m.: Bitter Bones
9:30 p.m.: Send Request
10:30 p.m.: Behind the Grey
11:30 p.m.: The Boastfuls and Tatiana

6 p.m.: Moral Code
7 p.m.: Eibes
8 p.m.: Merit
9 p.m.: Boys of Fall
10 p.m.: Emo Night
12:30 a.m.: DJ Cryptic

The V-Spot
(906 Providence Rd., Scranton)

6 p.m.: Alone I Walk
7 p.m.: Mahantongo
8 p.m.: The Stash
9 p.m.: Cheap Seats
10 p.m.: Black Hole Heart
11 p.m.: Black Nihil
Midnight: Graces Downfall
1 a.m.: Royal Hell

6 p.m.: Johnny Vice
7 p.m.: Vitruvia
8 p.m.: Common Wealth
9 p.m.: Sonic Salvation
10 p.m.: Slapjaw
11 p.m.: Traverse the Abyss
Midnight: Threatpoint