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‘Get Folked’ by Boston singer/songwriter Adam Ezra in Wilkes-Barre on Jan. 26

‘Get Folked’ by Boston singer/songwriter Adam Ezra in Wilkes-Barre on Jan. 26
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From a press release:

It’s difficult to impart the roots-steeped, road-trippin’ essence of the Adam Ezra Group into a single word, but frontman Adam Ezra nonetheless keeps one in mind as something of a mantra: community.

Community is epitomized by a belief that has long doubled as a mission statement for the Boston group – namely, that making music together is itself a form of grassroots organizing, capable of nothing less than changing the world. A tireless touring outfit, the Adam Ezra Group is constantly on the road, often devoting their time to local charities and always going out of their way to connect with fans. They are creating a powerful, inclusive community around AEG shows that is beginning to be compared to a social movement as much as a traditional music fan base. It’s this dedication to fans that inspired the annual “Get Folked” concert tour, in which Ezra ventures solo/acoustic to the homes of at least 40 fans in as many days and almost as many states to play house concerts and small venues throughout January and February.

His latest national run, which features several sold-out shows, comes to the Circle Centre for the Arts, home of the Wyoming Valley Art League, on Sunday, Jan. 26 from 5 p.m.-7 p.m.

Doors at the Circle Centre for the Arts (130 S. Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre) open at 4 p.m., and parking can be found at Bell Home Furnishings (99 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre).

Tickets, which are $25, are on sale now at A portion of the proceeds go to the Wyoming Valley Art League, a charitable 501(c)(3) organization. Drinks and refreshments will be available.

These up-close and personal shows have become a staple for the Adam Ezra community and have helped spread the music around the country. They’ve become so popular that Ezra does additional shows between the full band tours and opening slots throughout the year. Ezra released a solo CD, “Find a Way,” in conjunction with last year’s Get Folked Tour that includes tracks that he and the Adam Ezra Group both play out on the road.

Talk to any Adam Ezra fan around the country and they’ll tell you that each Adam Ezra Group performance is a one-of-a-kind, community-driven experience, propelled by the spirit of the people in front of the stage. For both fans and band members alike, an AEG concert is a rally to live life with intensity and soak in the moments we share with one another.

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, AEG’s unconventional approach to the music world has allowed them to surge beyond their beloved hometown and emerge as one of the most uniquely powerful underground live music experiences in the country. While Ezra has played with an array of musicians over the years, his current lineup featuring Corinna Smith on fiddle, Alex Martin on drums, and Poche Ponce on bass has been creating a new buzz around the country in 2019, as evidenced by their mind-numbing tour schedule, ballooning tickets sales, and opening features with The Wallflowers, Galactic, John Oates, The Wailers, Southside Johnny, Graham Parker, and America.

Not believing in setlists, every AEG show provides new and unique concert experiences that the band has been recording in real time and sharing with fans on thumb drives as part of their “Live Sound Project” every night. Go to any Adam Ezra show, solo or with the group, and you will not only find fans who have traveled vast distances to be there, but also a fair number of rabid followers accumulating as many AEG shows as possible throughout the year.

The fall of 2019 had AEG on more headlining tours supporting their 19th album release and the latest in a series of enhanced, remixed live albums, aptly named “Better Than Bootleg.” The musicians who make up Adam Ezra Group are all believers in the power of real-time connection with their audience, explaining their nonstop touring schedule throughout the year. The “Bootleg” series is Ezra’s attempt at delivering recordings that have the energy and spirit of their live show, while also showcasing studio-quality sound.

“Better Than Bootleg, Vol. 3” features songs like “Juna Please,” “All I Am,” and “Hold Each Other Now,” co-written with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee John Oates, and the standout track, “The Devil Came Up to Boston,” a parody of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” The most recent entry, “Better Than Bootleg, Vol. 4,” was released on Dec. 27, 2019.