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PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA – Justice for George Floyd protest in Scranton

PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA – Justice for George Floyd protest in Scranton
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“What the fuck? I can’t breathe!” – Vision of Disorder

Local grassroots organizations NEPA for Change and Put People First – PA organized a peaceful protest on Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton today called “Justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade.”

The event description read:

Stand in solidarity with our fellow Americans black and brown who face discrimination and fear every day. Speak out against police violence and racism. Demand immediate transparent cooperation from the Minneapolis Police Department, a full investigation, accountability for all officers involved, and justice for these murders! Demand needed criminal justice reform now so our fellow Americans of color do not have to live in fear.

On February 23, in Brunswick, Georgia, an unarmed Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot by Travis McMichaels while jogging in his neighborhood. He was not arrested until two months later after a video of the shooting went viral.

March 13: Breonna Taylor was shot eight times and killed by Louisville, Kentucky police officers who entered her home with a “no knock warrant” for a man who was arrested earlier that day.

Four days ago, on May 25, Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin choked an unarmed and handcuffed George Floyd to death while three other officers stood nearby.

May 27: Tony McDade, a black transgender man killed in Tallahassee, Florida on May 27. His death is believed to be the 12th violent death of a transgender or gender nonconforming person this year in the U.S. McDade was allegedly killed by police – which could make it the third officer-involved shooting in two months involving the Tallahassee Police Department.

These are the Beautiful People of NEPA, an occasional portrait series on NEPA Scene.