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Archbald electronic artist The Gary Goblins hits hard with new album ‘Carnivalhammer’ on Sept. 5

Archbald electronic artist The Gary Goblins hits hard with new album ‘Carnivalhammer’ on Sept. 5
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From a press release:

Archbald electronic musician The Gary Goblins is taking another big swing with his 21st studio album, “Carnivalhammer,” set for release on Saturday, Sept. 5.

He describes the album as a 10-track breaking of the mind as a soldier returns from war with more than just physical wounds. The dark past of the main character overshadows his everyday life, and each track takes a step further into his mental and emotional deterioration, making even survival impossible. The album is a brooding, caustic narrative one can only expect from the artist behind it.

As one of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s top electronic musicians, The Gary Goblins has been creating music since late 1998. His vast discography boasts 24 solo studio releases – 21 under The Gary Goblins moniker and three under the alias of The Elf. Also included are three lives albums, three releases from side project Groder, and two from Spectre, the side project between himself and another local electronic artist, Quoth. All of these unique and inspired albums have been self-released under his own label, Fabam! Recording.

The Gary Goblins’ catalog ranges from satirical tongue-in-cheek pieces to those that were spurred by current events. While he uses limited vocals, those he does include are typically acerbic and meaningful.

“People don’t really listen to lyrics, so I keep mine limited but significant,” he said. This newest release is definitely no different.

Over the past several years, The Gary Goblins has acquired a local live presence in the area while building his ever-increasing fan base on local, national, and international platforms. He was even recognized as the Electronic Act of the Year in the 2018 Steamtown Music Awards.

As a “thank you” for that loyalty, he will be holding a Facebook Live event for the album on Aug. 29 at 7 p.m., a week prior to the album’s release. It will be conducted as a Q&A session, with viewers able to ask questions during the feed. As an added bonus, anyone who attends the event will be entered to receive a limited edition T-shirt based on the album artwork, which was created by local artist Lady Hectic. Details will be released through The Gary Goblins Facebook page in the coming days.

“Carnivalhammer” will be available on Sept. 5 in downloadable and CD formats. There will also be an option to purchase from a very limited quantity of vinyl, a first for The Gary Goblins. All options will be available on Bandcamp, and physical purchases come with a free download.

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Lead photo by Brittany Boote Photography/NEPA Scene, center photo by Keith Barbuti Photography