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EXCLUSIVE: Steamtown Music Awards announces 2020 schedule and live performers for Sept. 10-12 in Scranton

EXCLUSIVE: Steamtown Music Awards announces 2020 schedule and live performers for Sept. 10-12 in Scranton
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As previously announced, the 2020 Steamtown Music Awards will take place on Sept. 10, 11, and 12 at The V-Spot in Scranton, serving as the entire Electric City Music Conference this year.

In accordance with health and safety regulations and to adhere to social distancing practices, the event will be live streamed on Facebook and Twitch by Scranton-based media production company Ionic Development, known for producing striking music videos, their Juicebox Sessions series, local live music streams, the Electric City Music Conference aftermovies, and the current iteration of the NEPA Scene Podcast.

Maintaining limited occupancy, The V-Spot (906 Providence Rd., Scranton) will adhere to all state regulatory mandates. There will be live performances by a variety of acts each night and, unless they happen to be present, winners will be mailed their awards after the ceremony.

The Steamtown Music Awards schedule is as follows…

Thursday, Sept. 10

Broadcast begins: 7:15 p.m.

Performances by: Starving Hysterical Naked, The Robinsonade, Traverse the Abyss, Tori Viccica, The Boastfuls, Modern Ties, and Gus the Savage with DJ Hersh in the mix

Awards presented: Best New Artist, Acoustic/Solo Act of the Year, Duo/Trio of the Year, Blues/Jam/Funk Act of the Year, DJ/Electronic Act of the Year, Hip-Hop/R&B Act of the Year, Recording Studio of the Year, Producer/Engineer of the Year, Music Publication of the Year, Best Concert/Show of the Year, and Best Place to See a Show

Friday, Sept. 11

Broadcast begins: 7:15 p.m.

Performances by: American Buffalo Ghost, The Aegean, Soul Satellite, James Barrett, All the Damn Vampires (formerly Cut Up Naked Teenagers), The Boneflowers, and JoyLynn with DJ Hersh in the mix

Awards presented: Folk/Americana Act of the Year, Indie Rock Act of the Year, Metal Act of the Year, Punk/Hardcore Act of the Year, Tribute/Cover Act of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Auxiliary Musician of the Year, Music Journalist of the Year, Music Photographer of the Year, Sound Engineer of the Year, and Videographer of the Year

Saturday, Sept. 12

Broadcast begins: 7:15 p.m.

Performances by: The Sorters, Lucas Hex, TySoul and Maine the Medicine, University Drive, Esta Coda, the Justin Padro Jazz Trio, and The Contact Collective with FlipSwitch in the mix

Awards presented: Pop/Top 40 Act of the Year, Rock/Alternative Act of the Year, Tribute, Country Act of the Year, Guitarist of Year, Bassist of the Year, Drummer of the Year, Music Video of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, On-Air Personality of the Year, Live Performer of the Year, and Podcast/Series of the Year

The award winners are determined by a nonpartisan committee, which is made up members of the local music community, bar owners, venue owners, journalists, radio personalities, fans, and lifelong musicians. Members of the committee are not permitted to vote on any categories that they have a personal connection to. All committee voting takes place anonymously through an online system.

The public voting portion of the awards ended on Aug. 21. The winners of these online polls will be crowned the “People’s Choice” in their respective categories and will be presented with a special certificate of achievement separate from the main awards.

The 2020 Steamtown Music Award nominees

Best New Artist
Channel 65
CJ Suprxme
Don’t Panic
Down By 5
Fatal Betrayal
Fatal Misconception
Starving Hysterical Naked
The Sorters
Theme for a Sinner
Tori Viccica
The Contact Collective
Twin Lakes
Kay Kay
Flowers for You

Acoustic/Solo Artist of the Year
Christian Gratz
Dustin Douglas
Mike Elward
Sarah Carne
Shannon Marsayda
Chris Shrive
Derek Nowak
Tori Viccica

Blues/Funk/Soul Act of the Year
Brendan Brisk
Dustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen
JP Williams Blues Band
The Contact Collective
Teddy Young and the Aces

Country Act of the Year
Big Country
Flatland Ruckus
Jack’d Up Country
Runnin’ on Whiskey
The Wells River Band
Tommy Guns Band

DJ/Electronic Act of the Year
DJ Hersh
DJ Pat Moore
DJ Quoth
Lady Hectic

Duo/Trio of the Year
Friendly Frye Duo
Holy Sardine
The MDG Crew
Mr. Jones and Me
The Frost Duo
The Boastfuls Duo
Remedy Lights

Folk/Americana/Bluegrass Act of the Year
The Sorters
The Mule Team
Tedd Hazard
American Buffalo Ghost
Remedy Lights

Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B Artist of the Year
Joe Grizzy
Lucas Hex
Maine the Medicine
The KP
G Lyrekal

Indie Rock Act of the Year
Alma Mater
Joe Burke & Co.
Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms
The Cryptid
Don’t Panic
The Robinsonade

Jam/Reggae Act of the Year
Elephants Dancing
Myal Soul
The Tribe
Static in the Attic
Sterling Koch and Freeway Jam
Zayre Mountain

Metal Act of the Year
The Aegean
Black Nihil
Behind the Grey
Paladin’s Death
Traverse the Abyss

Pop/Top 40 Act of the Year
Modern Ties
The MDG Crew
Flowers for You
Nowhere Slow

Punk/Hardcore Act of the Year
Blind Choice
Cut Up Naked Teenagers
The Maguas
Theme for a Sinner
Starving Hysterical Naked

Rock/Alternative Act of the Year
The Boastfuls
University Drive
The Holtzmann Effect
Soul Satellite

Tribute/Cover Band of the Year
Bad Liars
Bing King Moose
Dance Hall Devils
Down by 5
Friendly Fyre
The Taxmen

Female Vocalist of the Year
Alecia Powell
Courtney Hahn
Leah Beth Evans
Shannon Marsyada
Tatiana Tell
Tori Viccicia
JoyLynne Raye Frie
Alyssa Fusaro

Male Vocalist of the Year
Derek Nowak
Richie Zackoski
James Barrett
Jordan Ramirez
Martin Monahan
Nick Montini
Tyler Zeiss
Steven Murphy

Guitarist of the Year
AJ Larsen
Christian Gratz
Dave Kline
Dustin Douglas
Jeff Symons
Matt Anneman
Rob Husty
Tyler Salak

Bassist of the Year
Ben Roper
Chris Benitez
Lenny Mecca
Luke Seeley
Mike Capwell
Mike Fedysky
Eric Novroski
Aaron Kovalich

Drummer of the Year
Chris Langan
Jerry Bruno
Mark Montella
Seth Mahaffey
Tanner Snyder
Tommy Smallcomb
George Pachucy
Sean Cunningham

Music Video of the Year
Don’t Panic – “Fall of 99”
Alma Mater – “Fade to Grey”
Cut Up Naked Teenagers – “Anything But a Tomorrow”
Dustin Douglas – “Santa Claus Is Back in Town”
Modern Ties – “Supernatural”
Maine the Medicine x Amanda Rogan – “I’m Tryin”
Soul Satellite – “Shindig”
The Maguas – “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”
The Tribe – “Highlights”
Toothless – “Grinner”

Song of the Year
The Aegean – “Arethusa”
Modern Ties – “Outside the Lines”
Patrick McGlynn – “The Man in the Cannon” (2020)
The Sorters – “Ocean Beach”
Zayre Mountain – “Into the Fire”
Anytime Soon – “End of an Era”
Lifer – “The Start of Something Else”
Lucas Hex – “Bloodshot”
The Boastfuls – “Tequila”
Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms – “Something Else”

Album/EP of the Year
Tom Flannery and the Shillelaghs – “Peace and Love and Dollar Pints”
Adam Farley – “Disrupt the System”
Christian Gratz – “1979”
James Barrett – “The Price of Comfort”
Gus the Savage – “Savage ’20”
Tori Viccica – “Tori V”
Canedy – “Warrior”
Brendan Brisk – “Relaxylvania”
Maine the Medicine – “B.U.T.C.H.”
A Fire With Friends/Sweetnest – “Bearings” split EP

Recording Studio of the Year
The Stude
After Image Studios
JL Studio
Papa Bear Studio
Republic Audio Studio
SI Studios
Saturation Acres
Soundmine Recording Studio
Windmill Agency
The Goat Lair Studio

Producer/Recording Engineer of the Year
AJ Larsen
Bret Alexander
Cliff Evans
Clyde Rosencrance
Daniel Malsch
Eric Novroski
Eric Ritter
Jay Preston
Joe Loftus
Joe Wegelski
John Rogniski
Tom Ferranti

Music Publication/Blog of the Year
The Weekender
NEPA Scene
Highway 81 Revisited
Direct Access World Wide
Access NEPA
5-7-0 Press

Music Journalist/Reviewer of the Year
Alan K. Stout
Rich Howells
Alonna Weaver
Eric Schlittler
Pat Kernan
Michael Lello

Music/Concert Photographer of the Year
Emily Sulkowski
Emma Black
Jason Riedmiller
Keith Perks
Tom Bonomo
Dominique Kożuch
Alex Seeley

Local Radio Station of the Year
105 The River
88.5 WRKC
98.5 KRZ
Alt 92.1
Rock 107
90.3 WESS
91.7 VMFM

Local Radio/Podcast/Streaming Personality of the Year
Alan K. Stout
Lazy E
Lissa Kranke

Live Performer of the Year
Dustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen
University Drive
The Boastfuls
Runnin’ on Whiskey
Alma Mater
Joe Burke & Co.
Mr. Jones & Me

Local “Sound Guy”/Sound Engineer of the Year
Ben Bush
Darren Fernandes
Joseph Wegleski
Matt Kester
Mike Magdon
Michael Snopkowski
Steve Zampano
Will Perna

New category – Live Performance/Concert of the Year
Behind the Grey – “Treason” EP release show at The Place in Scranton
E57 – “Heavy Seas and Smashing Skies” anniversary show at the Border Bar in Pittston
The Boastfuls – “Tequila” release show at Stage West in Scranton
James Barrett – “The Price of Comfort” release show at Stage West
Elephants Dancing and Bumpin Uglies at Stage West
Nowhere Slow on Thanksgiving Eve at The V-Spot in Scranton
Toothless at Karl Hall in Wilkes-Barre
Joe Burke & Co. at Karl Hall

New category – Local Podcast/Streaming Series of the Year
Alt-Natives on Alt 92.1
Rock This Way Podcast
Juicebox Sessions
NEPA Scene Podcast
Lissa’s Live and Local Podcast
NEPA Lime Light
97.9X Locals Only
Music on the Menu with Alan K. Stout

New category – Best Place to See a Concert/Show
Border Bar
Finnegan’s IRC
Karl Hall
River Street Jazz Cafe
Stage West
The V-Spot
The Sherman Theater
F.M. Kirby Center

New category – Videographer/Video Producer of the Year
Justin Goreschak / Ionic Development
Jon Edwards / Contention Media
Markie Dennebaum / TwentyFiveEight Studios
Stephen Reuther / Reuther Productions
Jeffrey Jaremko / Party on the Patio
Michael Belardi
Matthias Claflin
Luis Medina / Kolo TV

See NEPA Scene’s photos from the 2019 Steamtown Music Awards ceremony at The V-Spot here.

Photo by Jason Riedmiller Photography/NEPA Scene