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New Scranton group Learn Lefty teaches ambidexterity at Weston Field with free activities

New Scranton group Learn Lefty teaches ambidexterity at Weston Field with free activities
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From a press release:

What did Thomas Jefferson, Nikola Tesla, and Leonardo da Vinci have in common? They were all ambidextrous.

Scranton residents can now learn this skill of ambidexterity – the ability to use both hands equally – thanks to a new group, Learn Lefty. Founder Jim Houliston says the group is named after the 90 percent of people who can learn ambidexterity by simply focusing on developing their left-hand side in all daily activities.

According to the groups’ website,, the practice of ambidexterity, which is more accurately referred to as dual dominance, uniquely grows a muscle in the middle of the brain, known as the corpus callosum. Growth of this muscle is associated with various benefits, including improved memory recollection, heightened spatial awareness, increased reaction time, high-precision balance, and more. This is an ideal practice for athletes, creatives, lifelong learners, and self-improvement junkies.

The free group will meet at Weston Field (982 Providence Rd., Scranton) starting Saturday, Sept. 12 at 11 a.m. More activity sessions will be held on Sunday, Sept. 27; Saturday, Oct. 10; and Sunday, Oct. 25 at 11 a.m. each day. All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate, and masks should be worn by all participants.

These sessions include fun everyday activities: switch kickball, switch wallball, switch of a game called ballgolf, relaxed frisbee/football tossing or kicking, backwards walking, inversions, switch writing, and more. Wearing relaxed or athletic attire and comfortable shoes is strongly encouraged.

More details can be found at and in the video below:

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