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NEPA Gives raises $1.2 million in one day for 218 local nonprofits, surpassing its goal

NEPA Gives raises $1.2 million in one day for 218 local nonprofits, surpassing its goal
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From a press release:

Today, the Scranton Area Community Foundation announced that on Friday, June 4 – in just 24 hours – 218 local nonprofit organizations worked together to collectively raise a total of $1,246,121 during NEPA Gives, surpassing its $1 million dollar goal.

NEPA Gives was hosted by the foundation, in partnership with the Luzerne Foundation, Greater Pike Community Foundation, Wayne County Community Foundation, Carbon County Community Foundation, the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center, and other community sponsors, to raise awareness about the critical work nonprofit organizations carry out across the region and to help charitable organizations raise much-needed funds, especially during these challenging times.

“In this second year of NEPA Gives, we are overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of the people of the Northeastern Pennsylvania region,” stated Laura Ducceschi, president and CEO of the Scranton Area Community Foundation.

“We believe that especially now, during these challenging post-pandemic recovery times, it was important to provide an opportunity for nonprofits to raise much-needed funds to support their efforts, and we are grateful that the generous people in Northeastern Pennsylvania responded so well.”

NEPA Gives, which accepted donations online at on Friday, made history as the single largest day of philanthropy in Northeastern Pennsylvania for the second year in a row. A handful of checks and offline donations are still coming in, so the total will likely increase in the coming days ahead.

Over 5,766 donors generously supported NEPA Gives, and it was also supported by numerous sponsors, including the Moses Taylor Foundation, DiscoverNEPA, Cumulus Media, Shamrock Communications, Hawk Family Foundation, Schwartz Mack Foundation, Women in Philanthropy, the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative, the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, and many others.

Adding to the momentum, over $450,000 in prizes and matching incentives were awarded to participating nonprofits for notable achievements, all sponsored by generous businesses, foundations, and donors across the region.

218 nonprofit organizations from across eight counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania participated in the 24-hour fundraising event, including Equines for Freedom, NeighborWorks Northeastern PA, the Women’s Resource Center, Countryside Conservancy, St. Joseph’s Center, the Everhart Museum, the United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania, and the Scranton Fringe Festival.

NEPA Gives Leaderboard – Top 25

1. Diocese of Scranton – $67,835 from 643 donors
2. Equines for Freedom – $30,355 from 209 donors
3. WVIA – $26,475 from 193 donors
4. Countryside Conservancy – $21,076.05 from 109 donors
5. Jewish Home of Eastern PA – $14,096 from 98 donors
6. Northeast PA Youth for Christ – $13,505 from 31 donors
7. NeighborWorks Northeastern PA – $13,305 from 89 donors
8. Indraloka Animal Sanctuary – $12,908 from 68 donors
9. Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science, and Art – $12,170 from 70 donors
10. Discovery MI Preschool – $11,040 from 14 donors
11. United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania – $10,938.78 from 77 donors
12. Outreach – Center for Community Resources – $10,680 from 65 donors
13. Wayne County Community Foundation – $10,242 from 85 donors
14. Scranton Fringe Festival – $9,808 from 105 donors
15. Junior League of Scranton – $9,240 from 217 donors
16. Scranton Area Community Foundation – $9,123.79 from 124 donors
17. St. Joseph’s Center – $9,072 from 83 donors
18. Women’s Resource Center – $9,036 from 69 donors
19. Camp Orchard Hill – $8,910 from 36 donors
20. Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence Charter School – $8,495 from 67 donors
21. Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple – $7,695 from 86 donors
22. KISS Theatre Company – $7,645 from 30 donors
23. Human Resources Center, Inc. – $7,426 from 87 donors
24. Lackawanna Pro Bono, Inc. – $7,290 from 50 donors
25. Ignatian Volunteer Corps of Northeastern PA – $7,040 from 26 donors

To celebrate the historical and monumental giving day, Scranton Mayor Paige Cognetti made an official proclamation declaring June 4, 2021 as NEPA Gives Day.

During that day, a small handful of host sponsors and community guests gathered at the Hilton Scranton Hotel & Conference Center to broadcast a live streamed event with updates and excitement, which aired on throughout the day. The Scranton Area Community Foundation partnered with Scranton-based team Posture Interactive to host the live broadcast.

This was the second year for NEPA Gives. Last year, NEPA Gives raised over half a million dollars for 167 nonprofit organizations.

To learn more about the #NEPAGives campaign, visit or contact Brittany Pagnotti, communications manager of the Scranton Area Community Foundation, at 570-347-6203.

The Scranton Area Community Foundation has been working to enhance the quality of life for people across the Northeastern Pennsylvania region over the past 66 years, serving the community as a steward, a grantmaker, a charitable resource, and a catalyst for change and growth. The foundation leads various initiatives, including Women in Philanthropy, the Center for Community Leadership and Nonprofit Excellence, NEPA Moves, and the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative. Additionally, it hosts and facilitates #NEPAGives, a one-day online giving event annually in June, and the NEPA Learning Conference, which brings in locally and nationally recognized speakers.

The Scranton Area Community Foundation is a public 501c3 community foundation with assets of more than $50 million and more than 215 charitable funds. It serves as the administrator to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Health Care Foundation and the Robert H. Spitz Foundation. Through its foundation management services offered to other private and public foundations, the foundation additionally manages assets of more than $31 million.

More information about the Scranton Area Community Foundation can be found at