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Luzerne County rockers Spud produce psychedelic jams on debut album with release show on Aug. 27

Luzerne County rockers Spud produce psychedelic jams on debut album with release show on Aug. 27
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From a press release:

After nearly three years of work, Spud, a progressive Americana rock band from Lehman, is set to release their debut album, “Lonesome Nights and Satellites,” on Friday, Aug. 27.

With roots in many different musical styles, including folk, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, blues, psychedelic, and funk, their original music encompasses a tasteful hybrid of various genres that melds American songwriting traditions with experimental soundscapes influenced by artists ranging from John Prine to The Flaming Lips to Pink Floyd.

All four members of Spud take part in the songwriting, which keeps material fresh and abundant. At live shows, they enjoy challenging themselves by throwing free-form jams into their sets for a fun and unique experience.

The group has been hard at work meticulously crafting their first full-length album. Studio engineer Paul Sinclair brought an old time feel and inspiration to the 11 tracks by using a mix of both digital and some of the best analog equipment in the area. His mixing style meshes perfectly with Spud’s diverse array of songs, which range from singer/songwriter to psychedelic journeys.

The album has been in the works since 2018 and was recorded in five different studios from Stow Creek, New Jersey to Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. They credit Sinclair with “making our album sound as authentic and real as possible.”

“The first half of the record is like a trip to a movie theater of the past with stories without the pictures, which begins to evolve into a psychedelic trip for the last half of the record,” Sinclair described.

Although all four members – lead guitar player Sam Ciravolo, lead singer/rhythm guitar player Matt Coolbaugh, bass player Steve Cornia, and drummer Mike Allen – are from the same hometown of Lehman in Luzerne County, how they came together wasn’t without struggle. Having gone through more than a few personnel changes, the group is as steady as ever and looking to grow within the local and national music scene.

Featuring stunning cover artwork by local artist Alexander Daniel Major, “Lonesome Nights and Satellites” will debut with a free album release show on Aug. 27 at Wayne’s World (2611 Memorial Hwy., Dallas), where CDs will be available to purchase.

Doors open at 7 p.m., and funk rock jam band Channel 65 will start the show at 8 p.m.

“Make sure to come on down and help kick the release off in style!” the band said on the Facebook event page.

“Things may get weird, noisy and, most of all, Spudy!”

Photo by Rich Howells/NEPA Scene