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Act Out Theatre Group imagines funny ‘Figments’ in Dunmore March 18-20

Act Out Theatre Group imagines funny ‘Figments’ in Dunmore March 18-20
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From a press release:

Next weekend, Act Out Theatre Group will present the comedy “Figments” on Friday, March 18 through Sunday, March 20 in Dunmore. Written by Billy St. John, the play is directed by Tim Huffman-Hutchins and features an adult cast from Lackawanna and Luzerne counties.

According to Huffman-Hutchins of Clarks Summit, “Figments” is the story of a playwright named Rick Jacobs. As Jacobs tries to overcome a case of writer’s block, as well as an overbearing mother, the audience sees him interact with various individuals – some who are real and others who are figments of his wild imagination. His favorite interaction, however, might be with his upstairs neighbor Loni, played by Stephanie Skiro of Plains Township.

The play is special to Huffman-Hutchins because he has a direct tie to its late author.

“[Billy St. John] was the director of a theater company based out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I had been stationed there back in the ’80s, and Billy put me in my first community theater production of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Company.’ Fast forward many years later to 2002 and I was hired to direct my first show. Not knowing at first that it was Billy’s show, I read the script and fell in love with it. When I realized that Billy was the author, I emailed him to make sure it was the same person. And to my amazement Billy not only was the author but he remembered me from so many years ago.

“So now it has been 20 years since my first production of ‘Figments’ and I was thrilled when Dan [Pittman] agreed to let me launch a 20th anniversary production of ‘Figments.’ While Billy has been gone from us for many years now, I know he is looking down on this cast and smiling.”

Pittman is the owner and artistic director of Act Out Theatre Group. Tyler Floryan of Plains Township portrays Jacobs.

Rick Jacobs (Tyler Floryan) has writer’s block, a domineering mother, and a penchant for bringing characters to life in his head.

“The hardest thing about my character is constantly wanting to interact with my real life and my imagination,” Floryan explained. “The characters in my head are all such a blast, I always want to break from the conversations with reality and start interacting more with all of my figments.”

Tabetha Jacobus of Wilkes-Barre plays one of those figments.

“I get to make the character my own since it’s a mix of the main characters imagination and an actual person,” Jacobus said. “I love that while there are scripted parts that never change, I also get to ‘break character’ and be my sarcastic self at times, which is forcing me to step out of my comfort zone.”

Jacobus, Floryan, and Skiro are joined by Rob Felker of Kingston, Andrew Kurtz (Kingston), Justin Topa (Jessup), Kate Weston (Wilkes-Barre), Zachary D. Rossetti (Carbondale), Tish Lavelle (Scranton), Greg Germano (Scranton), Marissa Spryn (Jessup), Tracey Gruden (Plains Township), Matt Williams (Dallas), and Nicki Kylie Pimental (Dallas).

“Figments” runs March 18 and 19 at 7:30 p.m. on the Act Out stage (150 E. Grove St., Dunmore). A matinee will be presented at 1 p.m. on March 20. Tickets, which are $15, are available online at or at the door.

“This play is honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” Jacobus added. “It’s funny and witty and this cast has worked extremely hard to make this show something special. You’ll catch something different each time you see it.”

Act Out Theatre Group is primarily a children’s-based workshop theater that also produces several adult-cast productions annually and offers a variety of classes in its arts and education center. The theater is now registering for March classes and upcoming workshops. Email Act Out directly at to register for classes or workshops.

Sarah (Tracey Gruden) still haunts the dreams of her former boyfriend, Rick. Meanwhile, Rick (Floryan) has an alter ego, Rick 2 (Rob Felker), who appears only in his imagination.