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Lehighton’s Mahoning Drive-In stars in its own beer, Showtime at Sundown, from Neshaminy Creek

Lehighton’s Mahoning Drive-In stars in its own beer, Showtime at Sundown, from Neshaminy Creek
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From a press release:

The simple summertime pleasure of cracking open a beer while watching a favorite film outdoors has been captured in a partnership between Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company and the Mahoning Drive-In Theater.

The long-awaited collaboration brought “Showtime at Sundown,” a classic retro American lager, to life. This throwback beer has a malty body, a hint of sweetness, and a dry finish, making it a light and easy drink. Sitting at a crushable 4.2 percent ABV, Neshaminy Creek created a beer that is best enjoyed during a long-haul double (or even triple) feature.

Showtime at Sundown will only be available exclusively at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater in Lehighton and all three Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company taproom locations – Croydon, New Hope, and Dublin. It will on tap for $5.50, six-packs will cost $12.50, and cases will be sold for $41.50 starting Saturday, May 21.

“When creating Showtime at Sundown, we had so much fun with the Mahoning crew coming together to make this beer a reality after talking about the possibilities of a collab for years. It’s a classic American lager that really does epitomize the nostalgia of the drive-in and our history of brewing lagers,” said Kyle Park, director of sales and marketing at Neshaminy Creek.

“I’ve been going to Mahoning for quite some time, so having this opportunity to create such a unique partnership has been special from start to finish.”

To celebrate the release, Neshaminy Creek will be on site at the Mahoning Drive-In (635 Seneca Rd., Lehighton) on May 21 for Night 2 of their “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Max Weekend” featuring “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” and “Fury Road” on their colossal CinemaScope screen. The Neshaminy Creek Brewing team will be selling merch and beer to go so viewers can bring a taste of the drive-in home with them. Tickets and more information for this event are available at

“From the day we met the team on the lot, we knew how like-minded our worlds were,” added Virgil Cardamone, co-owner of the Mahoning Drive-In.

“Steeped in influence and soaked in nostalgia – that’s why this partnership is a match made in cinematic heaven! Delivering an easy-drinking brew for those summer nights under the stars is a dream come true for us made possible by our friends at Neshaminy Creek, a brand we have so much love for. Adding Showtime at Sundown to their incredible lineup is a true honor to our family!”

Neshaminy Creek (909 Ray Ave., Croydon) is an award-winning craft brewery and taproom located just north of Philadelphia. The brewers say that they try to spend as much time making and enjoying good beer and as little time as possible making up rules about beer.

“We rely on our DIY ethos to make craft beer for defiant misfits like us! Our goal is to make every moment someone spends with us as enjoyable as humanly possible. That’s what beer is for,” they emphasized.

Founded in 2010, Neshaminy Creek has grown exponentially over the years and expanded distribution across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. In the summer of 2020, they opened another location inside the Ferry Market (32 S. Main St., New Hope) where guests can purchase pints and beer to go. A third location opened inside The Station (139 N. Main St., Dublin) in October of 2021.