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The Artist Sachiko paints music ‘From NEPA,’ debuting at First Friday Scranton on July 5

The Artist Sachiko paints music ‘From NEPA,’ debuting at First Friday Scranton on July 5
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From a press release:

The Artist Sachiko is set to unveil their latest collection, “From NEPA,” a series of 16 paintings inspired by the vibrant music of Northeastern Pennsylvania, during the next First Friday art walk in downtown Scranton.

The Artist Sachiko’s journey has been connected with various music scenes, beginning with their formative years attending shows in Upstate New York. This passion followed them when they moved to NEPA, both during their time working for a local arts and entertainment paper and as a musician, further cementing their connection to the local music community. In this latest tribute, the Scranton-based painter has collaborated with 16 unique bands and musicians to create a visual homage to the region.

The creation of “From NEPA” marks the culmination of a three-year artistic journey, spanning from September of 2022 through May of 2024. Each of the 16 paintings in this collection visually interprets an original song. The Artist Sachiko’s creative process involved listening to each song on a loop until the painting was finished, letting the music guide the artistic expression. This approach has produced a deeply immersive and emotionally resonant body of work, featuring pieces inspired by music from The Menzingers, Boaty Blanco, Pucker Up!, Brendan Michael Smith, and others.

In collaboration with the musicians, accompanying time-lapse videos featuring the creation of the paintings set to the respective songs will be available to watch. Visitors to the First Friday opening on July 5 from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. at Bazaar Skateshop (342 Adams Ave., Scranton) can enhance their experience by scanning QR codes with their phones to view these videos. It is recommended to bring a pair of headphones to appreciate the audiovisual experience fully.

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The Artist Sachiko is a queer Asian-American abstract artist. Their body of work addresses sensitive themes rooted in deeply personal experiences, and their artistic expressions serve as a conduit for sharing emotions and worldviews.

Delving into the depths of existence, their creations explore life’s rawest aspects through a unique blend of texture and color. In this journey, they unveil the indelible imprints etched by the complexities of the human experience.

Above all, their art functions as an open invitation for connection. It beckons others on a journey of empathy and personal understanding, guiding them through the intricate landscapes of universal emotions and experiences.

As the artist continues to traverse the human experience, observers are welcomed to explore The Artist Sachiko’s world, where emotions, colors, and connections intertwine to create a tapestry of shared human experiences.

Amanda Dittmar, a.k.a. The Artist Sachiko, was born in Hilo, Hawaii and learned to express through painting at a young age. After experimenting with various mediums during their school years, they pursued a degree in graphic design at Marywood University in Scranton, ultimately earning a BFA in design. Following their graduation, they built a career as a graphic designer, creative director, and digital marketer in NEPA.

Amid the pandemic’s chaos, they sought refuge by channeling a spectrum of human emotions into their art. This journey was deeply rooted in their belief in the universality of both emotions and art. The result is a diverse body of work characterized by vibrant colors, intricate textures, and a sense of dynamic motion. Their paintings invite viewers to share in a moment of common understanding and connection.

Working in acrylics, The Artist Sachiko’s technical storytelling evokes visceral responses. Through the language of color, design, texture, and space, their bold and textured works narrate dynamic stories. While most pieces prominently feature bold use of color, certain collections focus on creating chromatic depth. Elements shift from being veiled to intertwined, or starkly independent, crafting surfaces that remain in constant motion. These intangible emotions find manifestation in the corporeal forms painted on canvas.

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