Rich Howells

VIDEO: Californians attempt to pronounce Pennsylvania town names

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Last year, Movoto, a real estate company from California, produced a funny video of West Coast residents taste-testing Pennsylvania foods for the first time. Now they’re back, asking six people to pronounce our cities, counties, townships, boroughs, etc. They get most of them… eventually.

Northeastern Pennsylvania’s own Schuylkill County gets a shout-out, and to be fair, we second-guessed our own pronunciations of Chillisquaque and Zelienople, so most of these are not easy. Can you get them all?

Here’s the official description of the video:

No, Californians. Versailles is not a place in France…

Maybe if you’re lucky enough to be from Pennsylvania, pronouncing place names like Schuykill and Chillisquaque is as easy as pie. Well, it’s definitely not for these six clueless West-Coasters. Watching them try and fail (MISERABLY) is totally hilarious. Yet another reason to be proud to be from the Keystone State.