NEPA Scene Open Mic – Tuesday nights at The V-Spot in Scranton

NEPA Scene Open Mic – Tuesday nights at The V-Spot in Scranton

Voted “Best Open Mic in Northeastern Pennsylvania” year after year, the long-running NEPA Scene Open Mic continues every Tuesday night at The V-Spot in Scranton.

Sponsored by Samuel Adams and LT Verrastro, this free weekly event gives up-and-coming and established local musicians, comedians, actors, performance artists, magicians, dancers, and more the platform to showcase their talents in front of a crowd, meet other artists, and hang out together while giving each act some extra publicity through the live stream and photos.

Sign-ups are from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m., and while the event can accept a limited amount of sign-ups after that, showing up early guarantees a spot. Every act gets around 10-12 minutes of stage time, sometimes more if time permits. Original material is encouraged.

Everyone participating will be featured in the live stream on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter, and photos of each act will be made available for download in the NEPA Scene Open Mic Facebook group, giving artists professional shots that they can use for their own promotion.

“The NEPA Scene Open Mic is a great opportunity to show off and develop your talent, as well as meet fellow artists in the local scene who can help you book shows or get to that next level. Many artists who have come to our open mics over the years have gotten paid gigs and made many great friends and business connections – let our extensive online reach help you,” said NEPA Scene editor Rich Howells, who hosts the event.

“For those who are looking for a unique night of entertainment, look no further than this unpredictable variety show. You can watch online, but it’s even better in person.”

As per The V-Spot (906 Providence Rd., Scranton) and state laws, artists must be 18 or older, and those who are 18-20 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parents or legal guardians with an 18, 19, or 20-year-old must provide valid IDs for both parent and child in order to enter the venue.

The venue provides a well-lit stage, a soundboard, two microphones, two standard instrument cables, and a five-piece Mapex house drum kit. Full bands are welcome to perform. Those who have pre-recorded music or backing tracks can bring them on their phone or laptop; NEPA Scene has various audio cables to plug devices directly into the soundboard. If any other equipment is needed, performers must bring it with them.

Join the conversation throughout Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using #NEPAScene and tagging @nepascene. Join the NEPA Scene Open Mic Facebook group to stay up to date on these live events.