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CULT PERSONALITIES PODCAST: Collecting hobbies over a lifetime

CULT PERSONALITIES PODCAST: Collecting hobbies over a lifetime
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Cult Personalities is a brand new podcast dedicated to all the geeky, underrated, unusual, and offbeat movies, music, TV shows, books, comics, collectibles, beer, and more that we’re passionate about – basically anything that may have a cult following that influenced and shaped us into the irreverent weirdos that we are today.

Hosted by beer writer and blogger Derek Warren, former co-host of the Beer Geeks Radio Hour, and Rich Howells, founder and editor of NEPA Scene and co-host of the NEPA Scene Podcast, this weekly show is our way to geek out and share our passions with fellow nerds and nerf herders, discussing big franchises and obscure gems while sharing our honest opinions and personal stories in a fun and relatable way.

In Episode 4, we talk about collecting movies, comic books, action figures, CDs and vinyl records, and more. How did we get started with these hobbies? Why do we collect things? How does collecting change over your lifetime? What did we collect as kids, and what do we collect now as adults? We’re all collectors in one way or another, so we tell our personal stories and would love to hear yours.

First, we talk about some new Irish horror movies, HBO’s new show “Westworld” and the cult movie it’s based on, Halloween staples like “Child’s Play” and why that movie holds up, and “Welcome to Fat City,” the highly recommended new album by Crobot.

Then we dive into collecting, discussing “Spectreman;” action figures of “Masters of the Universe,” “Ghostbusters,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and other big franchises; “M.U.S.C.L.E.” men; comic books and ‘90s superhero cartoons like “X-Men” and “Spider-Man;” price guides and Wizard magazine; sports card collecting and its inevitable bust; ordering CDs and organizing them alphabetically in albums; classic horror and TV host Uncle Ted; the recent vinyl resurgence; companies like Shout! Factory re-releasing movies on Blu-ray; collecting on a budget; collector conventions like Retro Con; and more!

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