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Virginia garage pop/indie rockers 7th Grade Girl Fight play at Wilkes-Barre Curry Donuts on May 19

Virginia garage pop/indie rockers 7th Grade Girl Fight play at Wilkes-Barre Curry Donuts on May 19
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From a press release:

Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, 7th Grade Girl Fight woos audiences with their fun, loud blend of garage pop and indie rock. With contagious energy and hooky choruses, they offer a polished, mature brand of alternative post-punk that feels both nostalgic and brand new.

They’re bringing it all to Curry Donuts of South Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilkes-Barre this Thursday, May 19.

A mix of local folk punk, indie rock, pop rock, and alternative artists – Condition Oakland, Sweet Anne Marie, Starving Hysterical Naked, and Just Mark – will open this all-ages show starting at 7 p.m. Donations for the bands will be accepted at the door (178 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Wilkes-Barre).

Debra Guy fearlessly fronts 7th Grade Girl Fight, writing catchy songs with lyrical power and performed with effortless vocal delivery. Drew Pompano on bass provides low end above and beyond root notes, propelling deep grooves and spicing up the pulse in unexpected places. Rounding out the band are Wes Fleming on searingly tasteful lead guitar, bombastic yet locked-in drummer Bill Morris, and captain of the texture department, J.J. Williams, on synths/keys.

In late 2020, 7GGF started pre-production on their debut full-length record, produced by Guy. Masked up and socially distanced, they started the recording process with James McLaughlin at Mountainside Studio in Charlottesville. With the studio drum and bass tracks in hand, Guy recorded lead vocals and guitars at home.

“I consider myself relatively new to recording electric guitar. I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time hunting for tone in the studio, so I did a lot of experimenting at home to try and get the sounds that I wanted,” Guy recalled.

“I’m ridiculously happy at how it all turned out.”

In the spring of 2021, the project made its way to mixer Pedro Aida at Audio Verite in Richmond, Virginia, whose skills allowed Guy’s vocals to cut and resonate amidst hard-hitting drums and thick walls of guitars. The October 2021 self-titled release sounds polished and deliberate while still rooted in the band’s DIY methods.

“The songs all hit perfectly with the right amount of emotion and lyrical depth,” folk artist Kai Crowe-Getty of Lord Nelson described.

“Big hooks, memorable chorus, sharp as hell execution, and can feel the energy. The perfect kind of record. This is the rock record I’ve been needing and fits along some of my favorites.”

7th Grade Girl Fight started as a side project for self-proclaimed “recovering singer/songwriter” Debra Guy, already an accomplished musician and seasoned performer. A few EPs and singles later (including “Demands” produced by Mae frontman Dave Elkins), it was clearly time for 7GGF to focus on next steps. Like many other bands in 2020, they quickly pivoted from frequent local and regional shows to collaborating virtually.

On the other side of quarantining, the group came out tighter and more focused than ever, and the disciplined effort put into the upcoming record is clear. The band’s work ethic is reflected in the tightness of their performances and the agility to walk the line between garage rock and indie pop. A satisfyingly gritty and sonically deep musical experience awaits listeners at live shows and in their headphones.