Derek Warren


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Beer: Missile IPA

Brewer: Champion Brewing Company

Style: American IPA

ABV: 7.00%

Description: Missile IPA pours a light copper with a frothy head that lingers long and leaves a beautiful lacing on the glass. The aroma is full of citrus hop notes and backed with hints of pine and sweet malt. The taste follows the nose with citrus hops up front with hints of oranges and grapefruit, which are followed quickly by sweet malts with hints of pine before wrapping up with a long, dry finish. The medium body and moderate carbonation make for a beer with a smooth mouthfeel that is also incredibly crisp and refreshing. This is a perfectly balanced IPA that imparts strong hop notes without being overly bitter and leaves you wanting more – the mark of a great IPA.

Ideal setting: Missile IPA is a great beer to have during a night out at your favorite watering hole with friends or at a house party surrounded by friends. The easy drinking and refreshing characteristics of this beer make it one that you can rely on all night, so be sure to bring a full six-pack if you are heading to a party!

Ideal music: American IPAs invigorate and energize the palate, so music that is a bit more upbeat is called for with this beer. Avoid the “party” music, though, and instead go with something more indie rock or emo (but not the “emo” music of today – mid ‘90s emo) for some great sing-along songs with like-minded friends.

Some great albums to enjoy with this beer are:

Ideal movie: The refreshing qualities of the beer call for a film that is not too introspective and does not take itself too seriously, which leads to comedies. However, not just any comedy will do. Instead, turn to some of the true comedy classics while enjoying a beer of this high quality.

Some great comedy films to watch while enjoying Missile IPA are:

Ideal book: The strong hop bite and soothing malt backbone make this a beer that pairs best with books that will be thought-provoking but also relaxing. Books that provide a look back and provide some nostalgia are perhaps the best pairing for a night filled with some life reflection.

Some great books to read while enjoying Missile IPA are:

The perfect experience: While the argument can be made that all beers should be enjoyed while enjoying time with friends, this is not true for all beers. However, Missile IPA is absolutely a beer that deserves its place in your hand while you are surrounded by friends raising a glass and toasting to the finer things in life.

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