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Susquehanna Brewing Co. and LCHS pay historical tribute to brewmaster Charles Stegmaier

Susquehanna Brewing Co. and LCHS pay historical tribute to brewmaster Charles Stegmaier
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From a press release:

The Luzerne County Historical Society and the Susquehanna Brewing Co. are organizing a tribute to Charles Stegmaier on Sunday, Nov. 23 from 2 p.m.-5 p.m. at the SBC Brewery in Pittston.

Portrait of Charles Stegmaier

For $30 for LCHS members or $35 for non-members, attendees can enjoy a variety of SBC’s finest fall/holiday brews, a tour of the expansive SBC facility (635 S. Main St., Pittston), food, and a lecture/exhibit by the LCHS staff on the legacy of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s most well-known brewmaster, Charles Stegmaier.

Ed Maier, who is a direct descendant of Charles Stegmaier, will also offer perspective on the family’s latest success, as well as a wealth of insight into 160 years of brewing beer locally.

To make reservations, call 570-823-6244, ext. 3, or e-mail

For those who can’t wait to get a little history lesson on Stegmaier and the SBC, the SBC website provides this handy timeline of events:

Susquehanna Brewing Co. timeline:

  • In 1836, at the age of 15, Charles Stegmaier was engaged as an apprentice in his native town of Gmünd, Wurttemberg, Germany, to learn the art of brewing.
  • In 1849, after serving as brewmaster in several of the largest breweries in Wurttemberg, Charles Stegmaier set sail for America.
  • Under the employment of John Reichard, Charles Stegmaier brewed the first lager beer in NEPA in 1851.
  • Charles Stegmaier along with his father-in-law, George Baer, founded the Baer and Stegmaier Brewing Co. of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in 1857.
  • Joseph Maier, of Wollemzach, Bavaria, founded the Maier Brewing Co. of Los Angeles, Calif., dating back to 1875.
  • In 1897, Charles Stegmaier purchased the George W. Flock Brewing Co. in Nanticoke, Pa.
  • On Feb. 14, 1898, the company was renamed the Susquehanna Brewing Co.
  • In 1917, Edward R. Maier, owner of the Maier Brewing Co., Los Angeles, Calif., marries Kathleen Stegmaier, of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., the granddaughter of Charles Stegmaier.
  • The Susquehanna Brewing Co. operated until 1920, when it closed its doors due to prohibition.
  • In 1933, immediately following the repeal of prohibition, Americo Gargano founded Wyoming Quality Beverage, for the business of wholesaling beer in NEPA.
  • In 1934, Vincezo and Mary Nobile opened a tavern called the Cat and Canary in West Pittston, Pa.
  • In 1974, Edward R. Maier, the great-great grandson of founder Charles Stegmaier, closed the Stegmaier Brewing Co., selling the labels to the Lion Inc. of Wilkes-Barre.
  • In 1978, Mark Nobile takes control of the management of Wyoming Quality Beverage.
  • In 1979, Edward Maier and partner Connell O’Donnell, purchase the local Miller Brewing Co. distributor, renaming it Premium Brands.
  • January 2004, Ed and Mark merged Wyoming Quality Beverage and Premium Brands to form United Beverage of NEPA, located in Pittston, Pa.
  • In September of 2010, United Beverage’s brand portfolio was sold to other area distributors due to Miller Coors consolidation efforts.
  • On Nov. 10, 2010, Ed Maier, Mark Nobile, and Ed’s son J. Fred, formed the Susquehanna Brewing Co., Pittston, Pa.
  • Initial investment of $8-10 million.
  • State of the art brew house designed and built by BrauKon GmbH, Truchtlaching, Germany.