Rich Howells

Do you miss shopping at The Globe Store in Scranton? These videos will take you back

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During the golden age of department stores, The Globe Store shone brightly, serving eager shoppers in downtown Scranton for over 100 years, most memorably during the holiday season with its huge window displays and unique decorations in every department.

It was a simpler era then, when retail employees seemed more personable and customers didn’t trample each other over Black Friday sales. Comparing it to Macy’s and Gimbels in New York City, WVIA put together a nice 12-minute tribute to The Globe for its “Back in the Day” program, recalling much less hectic Christmas shopping and the everyday friendliness of workers who considered each other a family. WVIA posted the following episode summary:

Former buyer Rita Lissefeld talks about her days working at The Globe Store, which was one of the only stores of its kind in Scranton, PA. It had been compared to some of the finer stores of New York City with its large display windows, enormous selection with all of the latest fashions, and its restaurant, the Charlmont.

WNEP has also dug into its Video Vault in the past few years to remember The Globe, like in these two short segments from the 1983 Christmas season and the closing of the store in 1994, respectively: