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Irem Shrine in Dallas hosts Food Truck Fridays with new vendors every week through July 31

Irem Shrine in Dallas hosts Food Truck Fridays with new vendors every week through July 31
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Following a successful launch last week, the Irem Shrine in Dallas, Pennsylvania will host an outdoor food truck event every Friday from 4 p.m.-8 p.m. through July 31.

Food Truck Fridays offer “food trucks parked on the premises, a DJ, and a large pavilion with outdoor seating to enjoy your food. There is a different assortment of trucks every week.” A Facebook page for the event lists which trucks are participating each week for diners planning ahead.

Week 2, coming up this Friday, June 26, will feature a variety of food from FonDippity, Eat Up Now, Cibo’s Pizza, Southwest Savory, and 2Wayz One Passion. There will be a cash bar, and tickets will be available for the Irem Shrine’s upcoming Winefest and Sportsman Raffle. Music will be provided by Raymond Phillips Sight & Sound.

“The idea was thought up by Mr. Mike Ruger, who is a Shriner! He actually got the idea from all the restaurants having to start doing doing takeout during the pandemic stay-at-home order. He originally wanted to do something similar where the Shriners cooked meals to give out, but the logistics of permits, licenses, and pandemic restrictions made him restructure his idea,” said Kelly Quinn, an assistant in the administration office at Irem Shrine.

“By having something similar to a food truck festival, we can not only promote small local businesses that are struggling right now, but also give attendees a chance to get out of their houses that they’ve been stuck in during the pandemic, in a way that still protects everyone’s health. The event is held in a large space that allows for social distancing, and masks are encouraged.”

With last Friday’s turnout, the Irem Shrine (70 Ridgway Drive, Dallas) is expecting an even bigger crowd this week, though social distancing still applies.

“The event was a great success last week, especially since it was our first time holding the event! We had a minimum of 100 people even though there was a similar event happening in nearby downtown Wilkes-Barre. We currently have 116 people interested in coming to the event this week and it’s only Tuesday, so I’d like to see around 200 people attend this week,” Quinn said.

As the Irem Shrine’s website states:

Irem Shriners are a group of men representing a wide variety of backgrounds; however, we come together to share our common commitment to brotherhood, family, the community, and caring for children and families in need. We are men of integrity and values who unite to do good deeds. Our philanthropic efforts, as well as those of other shrines, help support the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. Being an Irem Shriner also means we like to have fun while doing the work that promotes the shrine in a positive way and helps support the country club through an array of activities. Annually, the Irem Shrine sponsors dances, concerts, golf tournaments, a fireworks display, sportsman’s raffle, and craft show to not only bring Shriners and their families together, but to embrace the community and share the beauty of the Irem Country Club.

Any food trucks that are interested in participating can contact Mike Ruger at 570-884-2330.