Rich Howells

LYRIC VIDEO: Without a Martyr – ‘Frankenstein’

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Just in time for Halloween, Scranton’s Without a Martyr released a lyric video for “Frankenstein,” a harsh song that takes some inspiration from the story of the classic monster.

The track is part of “Pitch Black,” an EP the young metal band released back in May. The entire album is available to stream below and can be purchased on Bandcamp for any price the listener chooses:

The lyrics to “Frankenstein” are also available on the band’s Bandcamp page:


Can’t believe I ever fell for your lies
Yet I waste my time standing by your side
Remember I know who you are and what you made me become
This demon will not suffice
My dark curse called me life
Yet you fear what you create?
Fucking Frankenstein!
It is people like you that make me sick
Fuck off and suck my dick
I will stand my ground
I will not bow to you, your tyrannical attitude don’t phase me
This time I will stand my fucking ground
And I will have my revenge
Such a clean soul
Tarnished by your filth
You hate what I’ve become, yet you are the one who made me this way!

Performing at the Electric City Music Conference just last night, Without a Martyr will be opening for Within the Ruins at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, New York on Sunday, Dec. 7.