Rich Howells

NEPA SCENE PODCAST: Episode 1 – Behind the website and digital journalism

NEPA SCENE PODCAST: Episode 1 – Behind the website and digital journalism
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NEPA Scene is excited and proud to unveil even more new original content today – the NEPA Scene Podcast.

Professionally recorded every Monday at The Stude in TwentyFiveEight Studios in Scranton and released exclusively on every Tuesday, the free podcast will act as a supplement to the website, expanding on the arts and entertainment stories covered on the site and going beyond them to discuss other news and entertainment topics.

Each week, the unedited and uncensored podcast will feature Rich Howells, NEPA Scene founder and editor; Mark Dennebaum, president and owner of TwentyFiveEight Studios; Lauren Quirolgico, commercial and content strategist at Lavelle Strategy Group and editor at TwentyFiveEight; and in the control room, Jimmy Reynolds, a musician, teacher, and lead audio engineer at TwentyFiveEight.

In this inaugural episode, the show and its goals are introduced, the history behind the website is detailed, and a debate about journalism in the Digital Age arises.

Future episodes will include special guests, and the podcast will be available on iTunes very soon as NEPA Scene awaits approval from Apple.

Every episode will stream on SoundCloud and Feedback and suggestions for future episodes are welcome and appreciated.