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STRENGTH & FOCUS: What are you telling yourself?

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Someone recently asked me, “Do you talk to yourself?” to which I responded, “Yes, absolutely.” In fact, we all do. Now, I’m not talking about taking a vacation to the funny farm, but rather our internal dialogue and the outward comments we make about ourselves. This is our self-talk. Let’s take a closer look!

Internal dialogue would be described as our thoughts and the internal comments we say about ourselves. For example:

Before beginning a project, do you typically find yourself thinking:
“Yes, I can do this!”
“This is going to be difficult. I don’t know how I will accomplish this.”

When you look in the mirror, do you think:
“Wow! I look great.”
“I’m not as pretty/handsome as…”

The outward representation of self-talk is the same thing, just spoken aloud.

If someone asks for your help, do your respond with:
“Yes, I’d love to help you.”
“I’ll try, but I’ll probably just mess it up.”
(Check out this Strength & Focus article, discussing people who try to do.)

Recently, I linked up with life coach and inspirational speaker Garry Melville to discuss self-talk. Check it out below:

I challenge you to monitor your self-talk (internal and external dialogue) for a week! What are you telling yourself? If your words are positive and motivating, then keep up the great work and continue to encourage yourself towards achieving your goals! If your words and thoughts are negative and take away from your abilities, then I recommend taking a proactive approach to change your self-talk and make a conscious effort to speak positively about yourself.

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Thanks for reading, and be excellent!

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