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STRENGTH & FOCUS: Know your path. Enjoy your journey.

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Warmer days in Northeastern Pennsylvania bring hikes on the Appalachian Trail, whitewater rafting tours, mountain bike adventures and, of course, weekend camping trips. No matter where you plan on going, or by what means, the most important part in any journey is having a clear destination. Sure, some folks prefer to wander aimlessly in hopes of discovering some new scenic treasure, but for the purpose of this model, I will assume that your upcoming journey has a definite ending point.

As suggested by the examples above, these adventures can take many forms. Some require extensive planning and preparation, while others need only a bag and a few supplies. Maybe you’ll require a tour guide, or perhaps you’re already an expert. Some undertakings are for the sole adventurer, while others are catered to groups of like-minded thrill seekers.

While the specifics of the trip will determine its individual uniqueness, as stated before, it’s important to have a clear destination in mind. Why is this important? Well, for starters, how else are you going to know when you arrive?

If you’ve read the book or seen the movie “Alice in Wonderland,” then you’ll certainly remember this key point:

Now, just as you would make plans and preparations for a physical journey, you can follow similar steps when setting a goal or transitioning towards a new path in life. This is why I chose to brand my coaching business as The Path of Me, because I want to help people discover not only where they are going, but how they plan to get there.

So if you’re feeling courageous, let’s play a little game. This is a fun exercise that I play with my clients. Go ahead and get a blank piece of paper and a pen. All you are going to do is ask yourself three simple questions and write down the answers. That’s simple enough, right? Good!

1. “What do I truly want?” or “Where do I want to go in life?”

Whichever question resonates with you, write the answer at the top of the page.
It’s important to be specific. If you desire a new career path, then ask yourself, “What specifically do I want to do?” because simply saying, “I want a new job,” isn’t going to benefit you, and it won’t produce the best results.

Now, fold the page in half down the middle.

2. “What do I have (or need) to help me complete my journey?”

Just as you might need to pack some equipment and personal items before a trip, I’d like you to determine what is necessary to reach the desired outcome. On the left-hand side, write down the skills and resources that you have currently to assist you in achieving your goal. If new resources are required, you can write these down towards the bottom of the list, as well as where you might find them, i.e., a book, attending a training, or enlisting the help of a mentor/coach.

3. “How is this tool useful and beneficial to me?”

It’s essential to know how particular skills and resources are going to help you achieve your goal. You can view these skills and resources as tools, and on the right side of the paper (across from the listed items), describe how each tool is going to be used to attain your success. If a particular tool has multiple uses, awesome! That means that it’s highly valuable and you’ll want to detail its importance.

Knowing where you are going and what tools and abilities you possess, along with how to use them, is critical in determining your goal and developing a working plan to achieve it. Take some time to design your plan for the journey ahead, and remember that this is something you want for yourself, so enjoy it!

I hope this was exercise was helpful, and if you need to reach out for further assistance, please message me directly at

As always, thanks for reading, and be excellent!

Photo by Keith Perks/1120 Studios

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