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STRENGTH & FOCUS: Home Yoga & Barre celebrates grand opening in West Pittston, talks fitness and karma

STRENGTH & FOCUS: Home Yoga & Barre celebrates grand opening in West Pittston, talks fitness and karma
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Greetings, and thanks for reading this week’s edition of Strength & Focus. During my college years, I heard a few professors reference NEPA as “the armpit of America,” and I’m sure you’ve heard that frequent complaint: “There’s nothing to do in NEPA.” Perhaps you’ve even heard that certain streets maintain records for the abundance of bars found on the block. In any case, it’s a breath of fresh air to see young entrepreneurs and leaders motivated to make our region a better and more positive community, and there seems to be a lot of that happening now.

With current statistics showing high levels of obesity in the United States, our community should certainly rally behind any local business promoting healthy lifestyle choices, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s hard to deny the surge of wellness-oriented businesses that have been popping up in recent years.

One such mind-and-body-centered activity gaining positive response in our area is the practice of yoga. Originating in India, yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that promotes multiple benefits for the yogi (practitioner). I recently had the opportunity to sit and chat with Alyssa Miller, co-owner of Home Yoga & Barre, following her studio’s grand opening in West Pittston, which took place on Friday, Aug. 14.

NEPA SCENE: How long have you been in business?


NS: What got you started in yoga?

AM: I dabbled in it a bit when I had a running injury on top of a really bad breakup. I injured my IT band and took four months to only do yoga. Once I got into meditating, I was hooked. It taught me how to look at life and relationships with others and myself in a different way.

NS: What made you decide to open your own studio?

AM: I want to share yoga and what I love with others. I want them to feel how I feel. And when my partner offered the idea to me, the timing just felt right.

NS: Do you have any particular style or niche school or practice?

AM: Nope. I just go with whatever I feel like the class needs that day, and it may include goofiness and laughter.

NS: How many instructors do you have at Home Yoga & Barre?

AM: We have nine instructors, including co-owner Jonelle Dickson and myself.

NS: What classes do you offer?

AM: We offer detox flows, candlelit classes that we are super excited about, barre classes, and some barre fusions with cardio will be added soon!

NS: What can a new student expect to find at your studio?

AM: A place to feel comforted and learn to have fun, to get out of the head and just feel your body move, and learn to reconnect with themselves.

NS: In any business, branding is important. How have you branded yourself in the local market, and what makes Home Yoga & Barre unique?

AM: The barre classes are a huge strength of ours. It’s not very popular in NEPA just yet, but people gravitate toward it. Also, I feel we are unique because a main goal of mine when I wanted to open a place was to be very active in bettering the community. A lot of people crap on the NEPA area and say that it’s a horrible place and there are so many better options, but they stay here and do nothing about it. I am a believer in karma, and I feel that if we are helping the community to become more positive and inspirational, donating to charities, and just helping each other out, businesses or just person-to-person, then we can really make a difference as a whole.

NS: What is something that most people don’t know about you? Can you share an inside tip or insight with us?

AM: Most people don’t know that I used to be a super anal, high-maintenance, Type A personality. I’m basically the complete opposite of that now because of how yoga has changed my perspective of life. I just think it’s funny.

NS: What kind of special events can be found at Home Yoga & Barre?

AM: We had our grand opening on Friday, Aug. 14, which was a live music class, and donated all the proceeds to Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge in Dallas.

NS: What does the future hold for your studio?

AM: I’m not sure! That’s the fun of it, though. Just being present and soaking up all the love that we have received the last few days. We are hoping to just really connect with every person that comes through our doors and stays.

NS: Do you have any closing words for the readers?

AM: Yes! Relax. Have fun. You can’t mess anything up. Life isn’t that serious.

Thanks to Alyssa Miller for taking the time to speak with me about her business and new venture in life. I encourage you to check out her studio with the information provided below.

As always, thank you for reading and be excellent!

Home Yoga & Barre
(5 Luzerne Ave., West Pittston)

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