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ALBUM PREMIERE: New Scranton band Permanence debut their ‘Northeast’ alternative rock

ALBUM PREMIERE: New Scranton band Permanence debut their ‘Northeast’ alternative rock
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It’s no secret that we love Northeastern Pennsylvania, so when we meet a band that is also inspired by our hometown area, we just have to feature them – especially when they sound this good.

A new alternative rock band, Permanence, has emerged from Scranton, and they’re giving NEPA Scene readers an exclusive first listen to their debut EP, “Northeast.”

“The EP title ‘Northeast’ is definitely about this area. We are proud of where we come from, the amazing music and artists that have come from NEPA and, of course, the pizza,” drummer Randy Weller explained.

Permanence began as two separate projects that collided in May of 2016 into a punk and grunge-influenced rock group with Weller, vocalist/guitarist Scott Jordan, guitarist Dan King, and bassist John Husosky.

“Randy and I had a couple of songs halfway finished. Dan called us asking if we wanted to be a part of a studio project he and John were working on. We asked if he would be interested in playing with us on this project instead and, after listening to our stuff, John and Dan were on board. Within three practices, we were in the studio,” Jordan explained.

“I would say our sound is a throwback to mid-2000’s grunge/punk with a splash of local sounds, such as Superheaven and Title Fight,” Husosky added.

“We all have had a common interest in this genre of music, and this is the first chance we all had to explore that interest together.”

“Northeast” is streaming now via Bandcamp and can be downloaded for free or you can name your own price to support the band:

With former and current members of another Scranton band, A Fire with Friends, involved, some influence from that group subtly carried over.

“This group is the culmination of all of the bands we were previously in. Each one has taught us something new about our musical taste, pedal choices, melody, and just how to be a part of a band,” King noted.

“After I left A Fire with Friends, I put my musical efforts aside and focused on work and life. It took around two years to get back to music again. I always had little ideas in my back pocket, and I never stopped writing,” Jordan said.

“The songs on this EP reflect that desire to get something out of your head and on to paper, so to speak, to get something going and produce.”

“These songs are just about the experiences that we’ve had and how we dealt with them,” Weller added.

Permanence entered JL Studios in Olyphant and recorded the five songs on “Northeast” from June of 2016 through last month.

“Joe Loftus and Jay Preston worked with us on this EP. Originally, we planned on four songs. However, we continued writing during the recording process and decided the track ‘Drive’ had a sound that fit the rest of the EP, so we added that as a fifth track to the project,” Husosky recalled.

“Working with Jay and Joe was an incredible experience. They are both great friends and people who we look up to. Their insight and advice was incredibly helpful for getting the EP to where it is at now, and we’re very grateful for that. Joe and Jay definitely helped produce this EP. We can’t wait to work with them again soon.

“The recording process was a lot of fun; we made just as much progress as we did laughs. We feel like we might owe Jay and Joe a thank you card for putting up with us.”

Permanence is now on Facebook, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud and will soon be streaming on Pandora and Spotify, with live shows currently in the works, so be sure to follow them to stay in the loop. “Northeast” is just the beginning for a band that plans to live up to their name and stick around for a long time to come.

Photos by Sam Watson