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‘America’s Got Talent’ finalist/comedian Ryan Niemiller performs at Ritz Theater in Scranton on Nov. 23

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From a press release:

The latest season of “America’s Got Talent” just wrapped up this week, and third-place contestant Ryan Niemiller is already hitting the road to perform for new fans across the country.

Despite being born with a disability in both arms called ectrodactyly, the stand-up comedian from Indianapolis, Indiana shares his views of the world from the perspective of the handicapped as the self-proclaimed “Cripple Threat of Comedy.”

It was announced yesterday that Niemiller is coming to the Ritz Theater in downtown Scranton on Saturday, Nov. 23.

Doors at the Ritz (222 Wyoming Ave., Scranton) open at 6:15 p.m., and the show starts at 7 p.m. It is rated R and not recommended for children under 18, but they will be allowed entry with a parent or legal guardian.

Tickets, which are $25 for general admission and $50 for premium seating, are on sale now via Eventbrite.

Ryan Niemiller began his comedy career in Los Angeles, California and hasn’t looked back since, performing in clubs and colleges across the country. Covering topics such as dating, trying to find employment, and attempting to find acceptance in a world not designed for him, he tackles the issues in a way that makes you think while laughing the entire time.

With his quick wit, great timing, and a gimmick that only he can exploit, Niemiller hopes to prove to the comedy world that he may be unarmed, but he is dangerous.

He recently reached a new level of fame in Season 14 of reality competition series “America’s Got Talent,” which ran from May 28 through Sept. 18, 2019 on NBC. Introduced in Week 2, Niemiller made it all the way to the finals and finished in third place, just behind winner Kodi Lee and the Detroit Youth Choir.

His “America’s Got Talent” bio reads:

Ryan Niemiller realized the power of comedy from a young age. Being born with a limb difference in his arms, he learned that if he made the joke first, he could control the conversation. After graduating with a degree in theater from Indiana State University, Ryan moved to Los Angeles to turn his ability to make people laugh into a career. After 12 incredibly short and not even remotely strenuous years, he is now officially the “Cripple Threat of Comedy.” Ryan’s primary goal is to make you laugh, but he also wants to serve as a voice for other individuals with limb difference and show that even though the road might be more difficult, anything is possible. Finally, Ryan wants to let you know you’re all invited to become official members of Club Nubb.

In the finale, Niemiller filmed a skit with pro wrestler Chris Jericho, living :