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Clarks Summit producer Clyde Rosencrance releases debut single as Sleeplore, ‘Let Go’

Clarks Summit producer Clyde Rosencrance releases debut single as Sleeplore, ‘Let Go’
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From a press release:

Sleeplore is the brainchild of Clarks Summit songwriter and producer Clyde Rosencrance. The new solo project calls on elements of discovery and the comfort of isolation. Weaving a thread to combine hypnagogic visions with a contrived production style, Sleeplore offers listeners a sonic template from which they can contemplate their own unique stories.

This enveloping soundscape of dark, atmospheric rock is influenced by artists like Sparklehorse, Sigur Ros, The National, Radiohead, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, and The Stills. Listeners will appreciate the mixture of familiar rock-song structure with more immersive elements that pull those listening into a contemplative state.

Sleeplore’s debut single, “Let Go,” was released today on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora, and all other major platforms.

“Very excited to start on this journey of sharing some music that I’ve been working on. This project is a subset of the music I’ve created that I think has a special sound. I hope you enjoy,” Rosencrance said.

“2020 has been a very different year to say the least. So thankful for many things, including the opportunity to pull together some music for this new adventure, Sleeplore. Can’t wait to share this music that it seems like I’ve had around for an eternity!”

Rosencrance’s formal tenure in music spans a nearly 15-year period. Throughout that time, the Dalton resident has released several collaborative works from the raw college rock and alternative sounds of The Magdalyns (dubbed “skeleton rock”) to more contemporary rock and roots-based sounds like OurAfter and the Dalton 45’s. He has shared the stage with an eclectic array of notable artists, such as Yellowcard, The Roots, Everclear, Flyleaf, The Ataris, and Dispatch, among others.

Rosencrance has also produced many other musicians, both independently as well as through his personal facility, Republic Audio Studio in Clarks Summit, which was named Studio of the Year at the 2020 Steamtown Music Awards in Scranton. Notable regional artists he has recorded include The Holtzmann Effect, Soul Satellite, Royal Hell, Days in Transit, Black Hole Heart, The Mange, Black Nihil, These Idol Hands, Phyllis Hopkins Electric Trio, JP Williams Blues Band, Timothy Zieger, Mara Katria, and Butch Frable. Often referred to as a “fifth member of the band,” he helps drive their vision to realization and adds certain elements that offer a sonic signature.

Photos by Keith Perks/1120 Studios