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Space Time Mead & Cider Works in Dunmore calls to artists for wine label contest benefiting Ukraine

Space Time Mead & Cider Works in Dunmore calls to artists for wine label contest benefiting Ukraine
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From a press release:

Space Time Mead & Cider Works in Dunmore is currently sponsoring its fourth annual label competition to design a bottle label for specialty wine.

The theme for this year’s competition is unity, “inspired by the work of people towards peace and justice for Ukraine. Strides toward unity exemplify our hope for people to come together in the future.” All proceeds from the contest will be given to Doctors Without Borders to provide funds for Ukraine and other efforts globally.

“Unity was chosen as a reminder of the past accomplishments we Earthlings have done when working together for a better world. The International Space Station’s module called Unity was put in orbit in 1998. It connects the Russian and United States segments of the station and is where the crew eats meals together, even now,” said Space Time owner Dan Schreffler.

Prizes will be given to the Judge’s Selection and People’s Choice winners. The Judge’s Selection will be chosen by the contest’s sponsors. The winner will have their name and artwork featured on a special wine release and will receive a cash award of $250. The People’s Choice will be selected by voting. The top-voted label will also receive $250 cash. The competition submission deadline is Wednesday, June 1. All official competition rules and forms can be found at

Space Time Mead & Cider Works, Inc. (419 S. Blakely St., Dunmore) opened in June of 2018. Starting out as a hobby homebrewer and winemaker, Schreffler has been involved with the local American Wine Society chapter for years and entered both their national amateur and commercial competitions. The AWS is the nation’s oldest and largest organization of wine consumers and a 501(c)(3) educational organization.

Named “New and Emerging Business of the Year” in the Scranton Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 SAGE Awards, Schreffler’s meadery has a mission to produce the highest quality and innovative craft wine in a manner that respects the past and works for a better future while having a good time in the present.

Mead, which is created by fermenting honey, is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. Sometimes referred to as “honey wine,” it was the drink of kings, poets, Vikings, and ancient Greeks. Up until the 19th century, it was made at home, as beer was, until it was replaced by cheaper and mass-produced alcoholic beverages.

“Mead is just as versatile as wine and as inventive as craft beers,” Schreffler emphasized. “I’m proud of creating some world-class beverages right here in Dunmore.”

As he notes on his website, grape wine is only one type of wine. There is fruit wine (blueberry, raspberry, peach, etc.), maple wine, and rhubarb wine, among others. In the United States, wine is defined as having more than between 7 percent and 24 percent alcohol per volume.

Cider is made from the fermented juice of apples (apple wine) or pears (perry, pear wine). Hard cider refers to the nonalcoholic cider fermented into alcohol.

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