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VIDEO PREMIERE: Markus A. D. croons haunting doo-wop heartache over ‘Ms. Sery’

VIDEO PREMIERE: Markus A. D. croons haunting doo-wop heartache over ‘Ms. Sery’
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Late last year, the Camp Rattler crew helped Wilkes-Barre singer/songwriter and Plains native Markus A. D. debut a moody little folk punk ballad called “Sharing a Breath” on this page, and today we’re back with a new emotional number called “Ms. Sery,” recorded at JL Studios in Olyphant.

For the accompanying black-and-white music video, I’ll let my co-pilot Kristin Rose Shimonis introduce this one:

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Markus again. It is an honor to have repeat clients who, more often than not, become friends.

James and I, on the heels of a cabin trip and several hours in the car, excitingly made our way over the river and through the woods to our location. The dilapidated industrial dreariness matches with nature, deep into the process of taking back rightful possession. The feeble and crippled-looking stairwell stands strong and prominent.

Much like the setting, this song is a character in and of itself, a ‘doo-wopian’ tale of sadness and heartbreak.

Markus’ vocals are that of a contemporary crooner, reminiscent of the smooth singers with that dynamic range of yesteryear.

Dark and moody and just right, evoking the feeling of the lyrics is akin to an emotional punch in the face. The solo is a stunning, magical force. Beautiful chaos stirs in each note, effortlessly and flawlessly matching with the forest’s quiet calm, like having an intense conversation that ends with a hug.

Enjoy ‘Ms. Sery.'”