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PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, Best of 2015

PHOTOS: Beautiful People of NEPA, Best of 2015
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These are my favorite portraits I’ve taken for Beautiful People in 2015 in chronological order.

This is Bob. He has been in and out of hospice for eight years. Every time time I visit him, he tells me he’ll be dead the next time I come. It’s been a year since the first time he told me that and he is still here. Clarks Summit, PA. 1/30/15

This is Liz slinging tobacco but not working very hard. Scranton, PA. 4/29/15

This is Charlie. He is the current proprietor of Yankee Lunch. Established in 1905, Yankee Lunch is the oldest known Texas wiener joint in town. It’s possible that the Texas wiener was invented right in South Side. Charlie started working in the restaurant business at age 10. He started as a bus boy at his uncle’s restaurant in Nanticoke. At 19, he was offered the business but turned it down to be a musician and have fun. He said he’d have money now if he took that restaurant but does not regret his decision at all. Scranton, PA. 4/29/15

Mickey in the studio. Scranton, PA. 5/8/15

Captain Dave Schreiber of the Scranton Fire Department, IAFF Local 60. Scranton, PA. 7/7/15

This is John. He said I should take a picture of the homeless. I did. Then he said he wanted $2 for the photo. I told him I only had $1, to which he responded he wanted $5. I gave him $1 and he was immediately removed from Courthouse Square by a motorcycle cop. The cop did not want to be photographed. Scranton, PA. 7/25/15

This is Diane. She is a photographer and model. Every time she’s in front of my camera, she makes me seem much more talented than I actually am. Fun fact: She really wanted to pose with the deer skull that hangs in my kitchen that I now can’t get back on the wall. Thanks, Diane. Scranton, PA. 8/9/15

This is Casey – actor, director, man about town. Scranton, PA. 10/4/15

These are the Beautiful People of NEPA. New faces are featured on Wednesdays.