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Scranton Emo Night DJs launch ‘Cry About It’ podcast about sad music, mental health, and wild parties

Scranton Emo Night DJs launch ‘Cry About It’ podcast about sad music, mental health, and wild parties
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From a press release:

Today, the local DJ duo behind Screaming Infidelities: Emo Night released the first episode of their new podcast, “Cry About It,” about the “sad music that makes us happy.”

Last week, they released a statement to those that attend their emo-inspired parties in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and beyond and asked for their participation as COVID-19 continues to prevent them from hosting the packed events that emo nights are known for.

“As Blink-182 would say, we miss you,” they began. This was followed by the announcement of a podcast that will focus on emo music, mental health, and shining a light on those who not only make these parties happen, but also those who attend them. They’ve also hinted at interviews with national bands from the emo and pop punk genres.

“There is such an amazing cast of characters that attend our parties and, over the past few years, we’ve become a sad little family. We want to tell their stories,” explained Joe Caviston, one-half of Screaming Infidelities.

The other half, DJ Hersh, said that the group was overwhelmed with messages on the one-year anniversary of their last show. “On Dec. 28, we received so many messages and saw so many memories shared of our last Scranton emo night. A bunch of the messages touched on how the events became a form of self-care for those who attended them.”

“I think the events were great for our mental health as well,” Caviston added.

After some text messages back and forth with local photographer and marketer Keith Perks of 1120 Studios, the idea for “Cry About It” was born.

An audio version of the first episode is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts on iTunes, while a video version can be found on YouTube.

The first episode features co-founders Caviston and Hersh exploring the origins of the event, how it became massively successful, Hersh’s unlikely exposure to emo music, and what they have in store for the future.

Guests for the upcoming three episodes have also been revealed to be Screaming Infidelities’ official photographer Keith Perks as well as emo night regulars Julia Yanoski and Dave Switzer. A Facebook group was also formed for emo fans to stay in touch.

Screaming Infidelities: Emo Night provides a one-of-a-kind experience that encourages crowd interaction and features its fair share of confetti cannons. While Hersh and Caviston spin cult classic emo, pop punk, punk, and indie rock tunes, the crowd is encouraged to dance, sing along, and fans are even invited on stage to live out their rock star dreams.

The DJ duo, who have capitalized on the national trend of “emo nights” since their debut at the 2017 Electric City Music Conference, has seen success at several different venues with their perfect playlists and big sing-a-longs, selling out both The Bog and Stage West in Scranton, along with Senunas’ Bar & Grill in Wilkes-Barre and the River Street Jazz Cafe in Plains, on multiple occasions.

They also took their show on the road, performing to capacity crowds in Lancaster, Reading, and Southampton. Along the way, they’ve added opening slots for local bands with sounds in the vein of emo, pop punk, and indie rock and shared stages with Craig Owens of Chiodos, William Ryan Key of Yellowcard, Chris “Fronz” Fronzak of Attila, Boys of Fall, and Josh Balz, former keyboardist of Scranton metal band Motionless In White and current owner of The Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor in Kingston.

Screaming Infidelities was set to bring a live My Chemical Romance tribute band to Stage West in April, but the coronavirus pandemic forced them to cancel the show. No new events are currently scheduled, so “Cry About It” will offer an outlet and a shoulder to cry on in the meantime.