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DRINK IT DOWN: Take a dip into Lake Haze #2 by promising Wallenpaupack brewers

DRINK IT DOWN: Take a dip into Lake Haze #2 by promising Wallenpaupack brewers
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Beer: Lake Haze #2

Brewery: Wallenpaupack Brewing Company

Style: American/New England IPA

ABV: 8.00%

Description: Lake Haze #2 pours a slightly hazy golden amber hue with an off-white head that leaves a thick lacing on the glass. The aroma is citrus fruit forward with backing floral notes and a slightly sweet malt. Juicy is certainly a way to describe the aroma of this beer, and it is just what you would want from a New England-style IPA. The taste follows the nose with a wonderful citrus fruit flavor cascading over the palate and a strong touch of hop bitterness.

The bitter quality is a wonderful treat that acts as a perfect counterpoint to what some NEIPAs suffer from, which is a strong, overly sweet flavor. The sweet malts keep the hop bitterness in check and soothe the palate.

The medium body and moderate carbonation are perfect for the style and impart a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel to the beer. The 8 percent ABV is completely hidden, so it is something to keep in mind with this beer, as it will sneak up on you quickly! Any NEIPA lovers must try this beer, and even those who may be detractors to the style just may be surprised by the drinkability of this beer.

Food pairing: While the name and imagery of the beer harken thoughts of warm spring or summer evenings, unfortunately, they are not here yet. However, with the right food pairings, you can mentally transport yourself to a warmer state of mind! Try pairing Lake Haze #2 with light brunch items, such as a goat cheese omelet, sun dried tomato quiche, or even some light avocado toast.

If you feel like it’s time to try cooking out on the grill, which is finally visible after all the snow melted, keep this beer on hand. Lake Haze #2 goes perfectly with grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and even fish. The sweet malts and citrus flavor coat the palate and add a highly enjoyable depth to all the dishes.

While not necessarily a warm weather activity, a can of Lake Haze #2 is also a perfect partner with pizza and movies, and you can feel free to pile the toppings high with this one!

The final word: The haze craze for IPAs is not slowing down. While the popularity among drinkers seems to never end, there are, of course, those who find nothing good to say about the style. Regardless of where you fall with any beer style, the trick is really just finding the right one to win you over.

Wallenpaupack is a relative newcomer but has come on strong with some truly wonderful beers. They already dipped their toes into the NEIPA style with their Lake Haze #1 and Hydroelectric IPA, and the results were stellar. They have continued forward with a litany of great IPAs, among other beers. Despite being a new local brewery, they have hit the ground running and seem far from being tagged as the new kid on the block. Instead, they give all outward appearances of being a long-established local favorite. If you are a fan of good IPAs, this is a must-try!


Where can I get it? Currently available in 16 oz. cans at: The Nyx (218 Depot St., Clarks Summit) and Ale Mary’s (126 Franklin Ave., Scranton). Available on draft at: The Loading Dock Bar & Grill (1206 Harry P. O’Neill Hwy., Dunmore).

It’s also available in cans and on draft at the brewery (73 Welwood Ave., Hawley), which is a short drive to Wallenpaupack!

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