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TURN TO CHANNEL 3: Hunt down ‘Super Spy Hunter’ and enjoy this souped-up NES sequel

TURN TO CHANNEL 3: Hunt down ‘Super Spy Hunter’ and enjoy this souped-up NES sequel
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Even as a kid, I always found it confusing that any game with the word “super” in it would appear on any other console but the Super Nintendo but, in most cases, I was also super amazed, super grateful, and very entertained.

Today, as we continue with this month of action-packed retro games, we go back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System for “Super Spy Hunter,” a game that, on premise, doesn’t need a whole lot of introduction, yet more people remember just plain ol’ “Spy Hunter” and not its rarer, harder-to-find brethren.

So let’s strap in, get our weapons ready, and hit those dangerous roads with “Super Spy Hunter!”

“Super Spy Hunter” (NES, 1992)


If you haven’t listened to this soundtrack yet or don’t recall it from the early 1990s, you owe it to yourself to just listen to it, as it is easily one of the most underrated soundtracks on the NES. As much as I loved the original “Spy Hunter’s” music when it came to the NES in 1987, the depth and variety here surpasses it in every way.

Action games like this need that music that keeps your adrenaline pumping and your fingers tapping those buttons feverishly, and “Super Spy Hunter’s” soundtrack will not disappoint in that aspect in any way. The boss music is great, and the sound effects of blasts, bullets, and bombs (among others) set this game apart from other action titles.


Overall, you might not find “Super Spy Hunter’s” graphics that impressive, as they aren’t a huge leap forward, at least at first glance, but let me say, over time, you are going to be impressed and wonder why this game wasn’t given many more sequels after this.

While your vehicle doesn’t look super detailed, it doesn’t have to be. The same can be said for the levels that aren’t anything too over-the-top either, but they move fluidly without any lag and fit the soundtrack like a glove. Enemies are plentiful, and the bosses are among the more impressive specimens you will see in an NES action game, catching fire and then exploding into bits after each battle.


“Super Spy Hunter” is a blast to play! With vehicle changes, environment changes, a variety of enemies, and some of the most epic boss fights I’ve ever found myself in, “Super Spy Hunter” is action-packed NES gold from start to finish.

While it may not be a very long game, what’s there is enough to keep you coming back for more, and thus the replay value for this game is pretty high. With stellar weapons and enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, “Super Spy Hunter” is the super fun game you haven’t played yet but certainly need to!


At $20 for a loose copy, “Super Spy Hunter” is a fun, affordable romp through the valleys of NES hidden gems. If you liked “Spy Hunter,” you will love “Super Spy Hunter!” While not a rare game, it is somewhat uncommon, but it is worth the search. Over 25 years later, “Super Spy Hunter” has been thrilling gamers while riding that fine line under the radar.

Next time on Turn to Channel 3, we head to the arcades for the secret agent action hit “Sly Spy!” Until then, let the good times roll and the great games game on!

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