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STRENGTH & FOCUS: This year is different!

STRENGTH & FOCUS: This year is different!
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Happy New Year, and thanks for reading today’s column! Hopefully you welcomed 2015 alongside friends while sharing good times and plenty of laughter. Maybe you even set a few goals or a New Year’s resolution to do things differently and be a better person.

This is actually the topic of today’s discussion – our New Year’s resolution.

What did you set as this year’s goal?

Is your goal specific to you, and do you have a plan for achieving it?

Each and every year, millions of people set their New Year resolutions. Some resolutions are personal to the individual, some are discussed within closed circles, while others are even announced through social media for the world to know. Whether it’s to eat healthier, start going to the gym, go back to school, get a new job, pick up a new hobby, or any other personal change that would enhance the quality of life by adding – or getting rid of – certain experiences and habits, these resolutions are set and are often followed by the proclamation:

“This year is going to be different!”

Have you ever known anyone who talked a good talk and was gung-ho to make a change in his or her life? This was going to be the year they followed through and succeeded with their resolution. They owed it to themselves to make a change that they truly deserved. Think about it – how many businesses have New Year’s resolution deals? Gyms and fitness centers practically give away memberships in December and January.

Think about that person you know. On the first of the year, they had a good and pure intention to fulfill their goal. The first week of January, they were absolutely motivated, and they proudly announced how great they feel. The second and third weeks, they openly discussed the wonderful changes and effects they’ve been experiencing as a result of their efforts. The fourth week marked a month of resolution success and a reason to celebrate. The fifth week seemed a bit quiet, but maybe that’s because it followed the recent boisterous celebration. Week six coasted by on cruise control, and week seven allowed for a few days pardon, but that’s forgivable, because life got in the way.

By week eight, they decided that they needed to amend their goal because a daily commitment was too time-consuming and they were stressing themselves needlessly over a few missed days. In order to reduce stress, that daily commitment was changed to an every-other-day possibility if time allowed, or maybe just two or three times a week, which is still good enough. And so on and so on as the weeks approached and the days passed by, until the moment of realization, without any declaration, that their goal had slipped out of sight and gradually faded into the distance.

Think about that person again.

If you know this person well, encourage them to continue forward and support them when necessary.

If you know this person really well – really really well – then be honest with yourself and figure out what is necessary to achieve your goal. Maybe this necessary ingredient is finding a friend with a similar goal, incorporating resources or learning needed skills, or enlisting the help of a coach who will help you to stay on course.

This was the main motivation for organizing the brand new event Resolutions, which was mentioned in last week’s interview with business coach Marty Wolff. There are many extraordinary coaches and professionals right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania who specialize in helping people achieve the success they desire in life.

And if you’re looking for a coach or professional to help you reach your goals in the new year, I strongly encourage you to attend Resolutions on Sunday, Jan. 25 at the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center (100 Adams Ave., Scranton). This event will feature leaders of NEPA in the areas of personal and professional development and health and wellness, while incorporating arts and culture to create an atmosphere of inspiration and excellence.

For information on presenters, classes, and workshops offered at Resolutions, visit the event page on Facebook.

Thanks for reading and, as always, please message me directly if you have any questions or if you are in need of specialized services or specific resources.

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